WWE Payback : 3 Predictions for World Heavyweight Championship Match

The biggest Pay-Per-View after Wrestlemania is here and all the matches are new. This is also the first PPV under Shane McMahon and expectedly new feuds will be seen. The biggest attraction is obviously the WWE World heavyweight championship match. Here is a look at the match.

The Bullet Interference

Well, for the past few weeks we have seen how Gallows and Andersons have attacked Roman Reign and his family. One cannot deny that the inclusion of Gallows and Anderson in the feud have increased the interest factor. We all know the connection between AJ Styles and The Bullet club. So it will be fair enough to assume that Gallows and Anderson will interfere in the match. But what will be interesting is to see whether Fin Balor, who once led Bullet Club, joins or not. There is a huge chance that the three might come in between the match and cost AJ Styles the title.

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