8 Villains That Were Totally Ruined By Marvel In the MCU

The MCU has been explored a lot now and there have been numerous villains in the movies and TV shows that we have seen till now. Some of those have been really amazing while others, not as good as we would expect. Here is a list of Villains Marvel totally got wrong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Baron Zemo

Even though the agenda that Zemo had was very good from his perspective and turned out very effective, he was still not the greatest portrayal for a villain. This is not the fault of the actor portraying Zemo. Daniel Brühl is a fine actor. The movie just doesn’t give him enough to do, electing instead to let the plot fall into hero vs. hero cliches. What results is a waste of a class Marvel villain who should have had a much more impressive cinematic presence.

The Mandarin

The biggest Iron Man villain of all which all the fans were excited about was turned into a stage actor and nothing more. They showed that it was just an act set up by Aldrich Killian. WTF!!! There was a tease that the real Mandarin still exists in the MCU in the Marvel One Shot- All Hail The King where Trevor Slattery was rescued by an agent of the real mandarin and hopefully we will get to see him in the future.



An excellent villain needs an excellent look. But the approach the creators of Luke Cage take toward Diamondback’s look is inexplicable. It looks like a misguided welder uniform with a fancy backpack. Besides that, Diamondback’s role in the series feels completely unnecessary. True series meanie Mariah Dillard makes good use of Diamondback — because she always makes lemonade out of lemons — but besides that, he feels very superfluous. Hopefully the second season gives us a better villain.


Mads Mikkelsen is a great actor and we all were hyped when we came to know that he was going to play the main villain in Doctor Strange, but when the movie came out, we saw that his character did not actually get to do much as he was only a pawn that was being played by Dormammu. Kaecilius’ motivations were not very well defined in the story that the movie told.


Many of the complaints we level against Kaecilius apply to Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy. His plans are needlessly byzantine. Additionally, he’s visually uninspired, lacks any interesting abilities and actor Lee Pace is never given much to do. At the end, he was very rightly killed off after being made a joke of by Star Lord and co and we do not expect to see this Kree Fanatic again.

The Chitauri

No lies: the giant space dragons are really cool looking. The rest of the Chitauri, though, are uninspired cannon fodder that exists purely as punching bags for the Avengers to take down. Ostensibly Loki’s army, when the Chitauri pours into our galaxy, their numbers are scary, but they lack any leader or focus to implant in our film-going memories and were defeated by the likes of Black Widow and Hawkeye as well.


The most frustrating performance by any villain in the MCU was without a doubt given by Mickey Rourke as the main villain in the second Iron Man movie. It seemed like he was not even trying and just trying to make money by doing something that is almost equivalent to nothing at all. It is good that he did not survive at the end.

The Hand

In Marvel Comics, the Hand is famously known for its swarming masses of killer ninjas. As drawn by some of the best artists in the business, wave after wave of ninja warriors busting through a house like an unrelenting flood is one comics’ greatest all-time visuals. But in the MCU, the Hand is relegated to the shadows and complete darkness. They disappointingly attack only a few at a time and not in droves that comic fans are accustomed to and were led by very unlikable leaders. Marvel did not manage to give The Hand, the Hydra treatment.

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