Top 3 Batman Comic Books You Should Read

Batman is one of the strongest characters of DC Universe who is always striving to save the Gotham city from the criminality, where his parents were killed and he was left alone. But then he decided to eliminate the wickedness and donned a black suit pledging to eradicate the nastiness.  The first Bat’s movie ‘Batman Begins’ came out in 2005 revealing details about how Bruce got his costume designed. Here we are talking about some comic stories that you should read. Check out three best Batman comic books.

1) Batman: The Cult(1988)


It is really hard for someone to gain an upper hand over the Dark Knight, but this comic book shows so. Deacon Blackfire, the main villain of the story actually kidnaps him with the assistance of homeless acolytes. Moreover, the story features the assassination of several politicians of the Gotham city.

2) A Death In The Family(1988-89)


As the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents made him don the black outfit to protect the Gotham city, the death of Jason Todd haunted Batman’s life. Todd first appeared in Batman #357 (1983), who was also called second Robin. As he was a sidekick to him, Joker ruthlessly tortured Robin challenging Batman’s own motivation.

3) Batman: Hush (2002-03)


If you want to get a modern ride of the Dark Knight tales, then Hush is the best pick to star reading about him. Moreover, the comic book introduces Hush, who was one of the childhood friends of B-man, but later turns into a nasty criminal targeting B-man and Bruce Wayne. The book also features other popular characters like Poison Ivy, The Joker, and The Two-Face. It also contains one of the exploits of Batman as he teams up with Cat Woman and gets a little cozy.

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