5 Villains Who Have Royally Screwed With Batman’s Life

Batman has proved himself to be a smart guy, outmaneuvering many of his enemies in every story. But there are some villains that just made an impression and have screwed with his entire life. Here are five of them:

Doctor Simon Hurt

Doctor Simon Hurt was a Batman villain that just liked seeing people suffer, especially noble people like Batman. He instigated the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne and tricked him into a hypnosis that leads Batman into a hallucination from hell when he heard the trigger warning Zur-En-Arrh. Doctor Hurt found a violent replacement for him who was a murderer and a thief, a move that tarnished the Batman name. And finally, he nearly killed Alfred by beating him to a pulp and announced to the media that he was actually Thomas Wayne.


Bane was a worthy adversary that Batman faced, a once in a lifetime nemesis who broke his back and his spirit for a bit. The criminal orchestrates a well-oiled plan where he first releases the most dangerous criminals from Arkham Asylum. He is put on a wild goose chase of capturing criminals like The Joker and Scarecrow, meanwhile, Bane enters the Batcave and waits for his opponents return. Batman is mentally and physically exhausted when he returns to Wayne Manor. Bane easily defeats Batman and breaks his back, leaving him crippled but not dead. He does this so Batman could watch a Bane struck terror in Gotham.

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Amy Fanai

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