10 Strongest Marvel Greek Gods That Will Give Asgardian Gods a Run For Their Money

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods:

Marvel Comics has made sure their fans know the concept of God-Hood. A prime example is Thor – the God of Thunder and one of the strongest Avengers in the Avengers Pantheon. But the world, well most of it anyway, still has no idea that Marvel does not just have God/Superheroes from the Norse Mythology. Another Pantheon not too far from the land of the Vikings called the Greek Pantheon resides on Mount Olympus. And they too have some powerful heavy-hitters. We know some of them like Zeus and Hercules. And yet most of them are still unheard of to the most of the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is time to greet our Greek pals.

 1. Aphrodite

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

She is one of the most selfish and self-centered Gods to ever exist in the pages of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and Affection. She is also sometimes seen as the Goddess of Fertility and the feminine element. But she finds herself in the tenth position on this list because all her life, she has been good at only one thing – Manipulating people. Using her god-like beauty and charm, she could romance any man and make him fall into her trap. Man or Woman, nobody can resist Aphrodite’s wiles. As a fighter, she has not been able to show her warrior side too many times. She is good at pulling the strings but bad at literally everything else.

2. Hades

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus were the three children of Kronos that rose up against their father and took up his throne. Poseidon got domain over the sea. Zeus ruled the mortal planes from Mount Olympus. Hades was gifted the realm of the Under World. As the God of Death in Greek Mythology, Hades has always seen himself conspire against the other Gods, particularly Zeus. Hades has gotten into fights with Zeus and Poseidon several times, and each time he has been beaten back. But as the Lord of Tartarus and the Greek Under World, Hades rules over hell itself and can never truly die so he keeps coming back.

 3. Phobos

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Phobos is a special kid within the annals of Greek Mythology. His father is none other than Ares, the God of War of Mount Olympus. He is still just a young child trying to learn the full extent of her abilities. But even now, he is miles ahead of most Greek Gods with respect to fighting skills. First struggling to find his true potential and purpose in life, Phobos has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. He now wields two enchanted swords in battle and is the Greek God of Fear. And just like his mantle, the name Phobos incites true fear in the heart of his enemies.

 4. Ares

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

The Greek God of War ranks higher than Phobos, his own son, for obvious reasons. Ares has the same level of strategic depth and planning as Athena does. But where Ares excels at is the level of strength he boasts of. The angrier he gets, the more unstoppable Ares becomes. His unpredictable rage is one of the primary reasons many decide to steer clear of Ares’ path. One other ability that Ares possesses is his ability to turn literally anything he holds in his hands into a lethal weapon. He could have ranked higher on this list of not for the time where Sentry rips his body into two using just his body strength alone.

 5. Athena

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Athena is the God of Wisdom and Strategy. She is a very calculative and logical creature. Nothing she ever does is out of her heart but always a means to an end. Athena’s Knowledge and Wisdom are so vast and amazing that even her opponents would prefer her being on their side rather than on the enemy’s side. Using her analytical skills to judge the status of a battle-field and formulating counter-strategies, Athena has won countless battles that would otherwise have been un-winnable. Athena ranks higher on this list than Ares is because Ares is a hot-head and that sometimes makes him do stupid stuff that Athena will never, ever do.

 6. Poseidon

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Poseidon is the God of the Oceans. He has domain over all water bodies. As the Lord of the Seven Seas, Poseidon has command over a huge pile of untapped resources. Moreover, he is also the guardian saint of Atlantis. Namor’s magical Trident is a gift from Poseidon (or Neptune, depending on whether you prefer Greek or Roman mythological nomenclature). Apart from that, his influence over the worldly matters of the planet is also too high to ignore. If Poseidon ever lusted for the Earth, he could just command his Atlantean allies to do it for him.

 7. Typhon

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Typhon is not part of the new age Olympian pantheon. He was the original group of gods that ruled over the mortals from Mount Olympus. When push came to shove, Typhon decided to side with the Titans, the original rulers of Earth that were toppled by Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, against the Greek Gods. The battle left him defeated and exiled. After the uprising against Zeus failed miserably, Typhon has returned time and again to try and kill Zeus. Typhon is powerful enough to fight Zeus in a one on one deathmatch and live to tell the tale.

 8. Hercules

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

He is of both the Olympian and the Human world. He has the blood of a God as well as the veins of a mortal. And yet he stands tall as one of the greatest warriors of the Greek Pantheon. He is Hercules – the Greek God of Strength. Hercules is not someone to be trifled with. Armed with the skin of a Nimean Lion and the mace made out of Adamantine, Hercules is the Greek equivalent of Thor. In fact, both Hercules and Thor have traded fists quite a number of times in the comic books. Many times Thor won the match but sometimes even Hercules showed Thor how to bite the dust. Many sources claim Hercules is finally making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let us just everything goes according to plan.

 9. Zeus

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

He is the King of the Gods. He is the God that rules Mount Olympus. Zeus is a force of mother nature. He has the power to control the storms, shapeshift, has a strength level at least a hundred times better than an average Olympian’s – which itself is a hundred times more than a normal human being’s, and of course his signature lightning bolts that are so strong they could incapacitate even the Hulk in a single strike. Zeus also has mastered over cosmic forces and can wield magic in battle. In terms of sheer power, Zeus is only rivaled by Odin, the All-Father of the Norse Mythology in this domain.

 10. Gaea

Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

Gaea is one of the first Gods that came into existence in the Marvel Universe. She is so ancient an entity that she is weaved into the threads of reality and is one with the universal space-time continuum. Gaea is considered to be one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe. Amongst her many feats was her creation of the various Pantheons of Gods and she could even use her ability to grant superpowers to others. She is also the one credited with introducing evolution to live on Earth. Another fun fact is that Thor is his son, which is strange and has created quite some confusion among the fans as to how to interpret Thor’s original back story.

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Strongest Marvel Greek Gods

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