Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter Becomes The New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder:

The Marvel Universe has only a handful of superheroes that are true heavy-hitters in every sense of the word. Amongst them are heroes like the Silver Surfer, the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider and of course, Thor. The God of Thunder hails from an extra-dimensional region of space called Asgard and is the ruler of the nine realms. But it is not his strength or his throne that makes Thor the God of Thunder. It is the hammer Mjolnir. This enchanted piece of weaponry is a potent superweapon that grants only the worthy of heart and soul to become the new God of Thunder. Lately, Jane Foster became the new Goddess of Thunder and won our hearts with her bravery and courage. Now, a new superheroine wielding the same hammer has emerged in another marvel Comic book arc.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Dead Man Logan #1 Up Ahead. Enter at your own risk…

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

In the Old Man Logan Universe, the villains of the world banded together and launched a coordinated strike throughout the globe to take out all superheroes. The X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the New Warriors – each and every superhero died at the hands of the bad guys. Those that managed to survive decided to hide or become supervillains themselves. Wolverine, now just a shadow of his former self, now lives in the Wastelands – a barren continent that was once the United States of America. The end of the world is near but Wolverine’s epic journey has only begun.

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

Logan has taken it upon himself to rid the world of as many rodents as possible. And by rodents, we mean villains. His apparently final mission has brought him to the cusp of Hammer Falls – a sort of pilgrimage site for the common folks. Hammer Falls is the City where the magical hammer Mjolnir rests after it was dropped by Thor after his death at the hands of the Absorbing Man and Magneto. The Hammer is but a rude memento to the fact that not even a God could survive the aftermath of all supervillains coming together.

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

Logan has come to Hammer Falls searching for Bruce Banner Junior, the son of Bruce banner aka the Hulk who was being held against his will as a hostage by Sabretooth and his army of henchmen. Wolverine clearly was outmatched and out-clawed. To even the odds, he decided to call for some backup. And the name of the Back Up was Dani Cage – the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter. Blessed with the skills of her mother and the inhuman strength and rock hard skin of her father, Dani Cage was a force to be reckoned with.

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

Sabretooth was ordered by Mister Sinister to capture and keep Bruce Banner Junior hostage, whom he wanted to experiment upon to create a gamma bomb. Mister Sinister intended to detonate this bomb and claim a region of the Wastelands for his own. That plan was derailed when Wolverine and Dani managed to retrieve Bruce Banner Junior and almost had a successful exfiltration.

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

Their getaway car was hit with a rocket missile and before Dani could react, she was shot by the same armour piercing bullet that killed her father in the past.

Luke Cage-Jessica Jones’ Daughter New Thor – Goddess of Thunder

The moment Dani falls on the ground, the Mjolnir that has not moved since the day its original master Thor died, starts trembling and topples down the pile of rubble. The readers, as well as the supervillains, watch in a mix of horror and delight as Dani Cage grabs hold of the hammer, that had not been wielded ever since Thor’s death, to become the new Goddess of Thunder. Dani Cage is now the new Thor of the Wastelands. There are still doubts whether Wolverine survived the accident. But new dawn of superheroes in the Old Man Logan universe has begun. We are just glad we were there as history unfolded before our eyes. All hail Dani Cage – the new Goddess of Thunder.


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