10 Wonder Woman Powers That Make Her Total Badass

Wonder Woman was one of the best Comic Book movies last year, and we all loved Gal Gadot as the titular hero in her first ever solo movie. The movie did a great job in bringing the Superhero to life in her origin story, but we actually did not get to see the complete version of Wonder Woman. Some of her amazing Superpowers did not show up in the movie. Here are some of Wonder Woman powers that you may not know about:

Super Healing

We never relate the likes of Wonder Woman to super healing. The people that come to our minds are The Flash, Wolverine, and Deadpool, but surprisingly, Wonder Woman also possesses Super Healing. First of all, she obviously does not age as fast as average Humans being the daughter of Zeus. But her Super Healing depends upon the storyline that you’re reading as one story tells that that her healing comes from Demeter, goddess of agriculture, while the other says that she was gifted the ability of super healing due to consuming water from the fountain of youth.


Again, we never relate Wonder Woman with being a Telepath as that is Professor X, Jean Grey or Martian Manhunter more often. She learned to communicate using her mind over the historical times, and she gained this ability from Ares. Most of the times, this ability is shown to communicate with Soldiers and she can even control them using this.

Resistance to Electricity   

This actually is not a power that WW picked up from the Greek Gods. One of the persistent villains of WW, Dr. Psycho once used the Electro Atomizer on her which instead of defeating her rendered her immune to electricity as a result.

Animal Empathy

This ability was given to her by Artemis, the God of Hunt, but she does not possess is like the ‘Squirrel Girl’ where she forms Animal Allies. She has used this ability to make some dinosaur friends help her out. And she doesn’t just do it during fights, but she’s also been shown bonding with animals like a family of polar bears when she was feeling lonely.

Magic Resistance

Well, this one does seem pretty obvious as she is a God and unlike Superman, she is, in fact, resistant to Magic up to a great extent. She may not be totally invulnerable to assaults from a mystical source, but this ability does resist quite a bit.


This is yet another surprising and rarely displayed the power of her from the comics. In the earlier era, she was shown teleporting from one area to another completely, but later on, her powers were brought down a little as an explanation to her transportation was that she is able to only teleport a mental image of her body being projected where she wants. And still, that mental projection of her is capable of getting hurt, so that is why she does not rely on it much often.

Super Breath

Wonder Woman powers

Another power similar to the Man of Steel, as her unimaginable strength extends to her lungs as well and allows her to blow air with the force of a storm. But this ability does have a difference from Superman has her breath is not able to freeze her opponents.

Invulnerability to Fire

Hestia, goddess of the hearth actually gifted her The Lasso of Truth, but one of her blessings was more defensive as Wonder Woman is actually fireproof in some iterations of her story. She was totally unharmed by an experience that would surely leave any normal person a pile of ashes as she stood immersed in the mystical flames of Ares himself.

Supernatural Beauty

Wonder Woman powers

Well, this was indeed proven by Gal Gadot as fans went nuts when they saw her portray the character on the big screen. This may not be an effective power against many villains, but Aphrodite, the goddess of love, did give her one of the most amazing powers of all as people would line up behind her falling in love, and be totally inspired by her.

Super Strength is she removes her bracelets

Wonder Woman Superpowers
Wonder Woman powers

Well, we did know that she possesses superhuman strength, but the levels of her strength exactly are unknown. Most fans have never seen her without her Bracelets, but doing so doesn’t mean that she is just removing an accessory, as taking the bracelets off gives Wonder Woman an enormous boost in her overall power. But it comes at a huge price as the bracelets act as inhibitors, and removing them drives her insane. So, no one can help the one who faces her without those inhibitors.

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