Justice League: Flash Enters The Speed Force In New Trailer

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is almost here. This particular version of the Justice League will decide its credibility in the DCEU. Its HBO Max release is slated for just under two weeks from now. The campaigning has been at full pace. Justice League theatrical version was released in 2017. It was taken over by Joss Whedon from Zack Snyder. Ever since fans have been criticizing Warner Bros. and DC for such a lame presentation of the Justice League. Fans desperately wanted to see Snyder’s version of Justice League. This level of intense fan enthusiasm led to Warner Bros. agreeing to release the Snyder Cut.

Snyder has complete creative control of the Justice League. Fans will be getting what they have been seeking. Snyder’s Justice League boasts numerous differences from the previous version, from its lengthy, 4-hour runtime to the characters involved. The 2017 presentation of the film was dinged by some fans. Reason being for not properly developing newer characters like the Flash. The Flash had only really appeared previously in a cameo capacity for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Flash Enters Speed Force In Justice League New Trailer

Zack Snyder is ready to undo it all. He will dive deeper into the Flash’s character. A new trailer has been released. The Flash takes center stage in the latest Justice League trailer. The trailer mounts for up to one minute. It reveals Barry rescuing Iris from a car crash. The trailer also teases Barry tapping into his full potential as a hero. This came in with the help of Batman (Ben Afflick). Batman tells him he’ll have to run faster than ever before. Check out the trailer below:

Many fans took issue with his constant quipping in his portrayal in 2017’s Justice League. This detail was added in by Whedon. His decision-making was regularly scrutinized after the release of the movie. But this detail will change. It’s all but guaranteed the Barry featured in the Snyder Cut will be a bit less wise-cracking. The teaser promises a more solid origin story for the Flash. Barry’s the youngest member of the team, and this is likely his first brush with a major battle to save the world. This proved that Snyder’s Cut will be responsible for Barry’s character development. It also sets the tone for Barry’s role in the future of the DCEU.

Justice League is going to test Barry. This teaser shows us that Barry is ready for the challenge. It does a good job of establishing that forthcoming growth. Miller will return for 2022’s The Flash, after Snyder’s Cut. The production of the solo film is expected to begin in the coming months. It will adapt the beloved Flashpoint storyline from the comics. It’ll also feature some major DC characters, like Affleck’s Batman and Supergirl (Sasha Calle). Justice League can help stir up further excitement for his solo movie. This is exactly the pedestal that 2022’s The Flash needs to get the audience excited. All while telling the story Snyder originally planned for him. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is set to premiere on March 18, 2021.

Flash Enters Speed Force In Justice League New Trailer

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