What is Kate Beckett Upto in Season 8?

For startes, Castle is one of the most magical and sweetest shows on the television. Every season we think, what can they possibly do next? And every season, the show-runners, come up with some interesting and new plots. The ascent of the show Castle started after its 4th season. Seasons 6 and 7, took the show to a whole new level. Now, at the start of Season 8, Beckett has gone missing. Not missing precisely, but on the run. Why is she on the run on the day she made Captain?

We saw that Beckett got a mysterious call and then as the 12th Precint boys, along with Castle, investigate the Crime Scene, they find that Beckett was shot. She is deep into something. Now here, we focus on, what is she into?

As Castle and the team is linking this to Beckett’s short stint at the Attorney General’s; a possible explanation¬† could be that Beckett did not retire from Attorney General’s office. She was onto some secret mession for the Feds. As we all know that Beckett does not let criminals go, she was inclined to get justice, inspite of her team getting killed. She didn’t tell Castle for his safety. Now we all know that Castle has a knack for getting into everything to save Beckett and since this was a confidential mission, Beckett didn’t inform him.

The other possible explanation is that Beckett is dismantling ex-Senator Bracken’s criminal network. After arresting him, Beckett decided that his network goes too deep. She took it upto herself to gather all the resources, as she didn’t want Castle and her friends in any sort of trouble. Thus, Beckett could be finishing off whatever is left of Bracken’s criminal network.

The third and final explanation could be, that Beckett is busy solving another case, she got as part of her Detective job. Before her big day, she finally wants to put an end to it all.

As announced by ABC, Season 8 will not be the last for Castle. So. Who wants to see Beckett as a Senator? Also, if you have any other explanation, feel free to put it in the comments section below!

Aditya Goel

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