Here’s Why The CGI In She-Hulk Looks So Bad

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has in earnest begun its rapid ascent towards the finale of their phase. Up until now, Phase IV has been rather calming. Each movie and OTT show has been a self-contained sub-thread in the massive web that is the MCU. Take Moon Knight for example. For all of the show’s incredible visuals, it did nothing to advance the greater ethos of the MCU. Well, I suppose that is the trend nowadays. Even if the story is not earth-shattering, fans enjoy something that looks good. Now we can begin to understand the fandom’s outcry against CGI in She-Hulk trailer.

CGI in She-Hulk

After all, if we are to receive another self-contained narrative then the least it can do is look good. But She-Hulk seems to be aiming for something else. The appearance of Hulk in the trailer confirms the rumors about the plot of the show and a clue that there’s going to be a big conflict soon. We think the next logical step in the progression of the MCU would be an event where the Disney+ characters team up to take down a variant of Kang. Well, it doesn’t have to be Kang per se, any old villain will do. Maybe Marvel can salvage some of their old villains like Zemo and Utron and get some traction out of it. Still, for any of that to happen the first step is to ensure that the audience follows their shows.


CGI In She-Hulk Looks So Bad

But the reaction to the She-Hulk trailer has been less than optimal. People are happy about the appearance of Tim Roth’s Abomination and Banner’s Hulk, yet there is something missing. A crucial part of any release, be it a show or a movie, is the hype, and She-Hulk is getting the opposite of that. It is not a cause for immediate worry because there is a simple explanation for the apparent blunder. You see, the trailer of She-Hulk contains pre-release footage from behind the doors of Marvel Studios.


It has been only released to market the show before its final release down the line. The pandemic has created a lot of shortage of man-hours and everyone is working in a crunch so things are polished on an extended timeline. Moreover, She-Hulk is an OTT show, it does not have the budget to match a movie’s CGI quality. CGI in She-Hulk will be the best it can be, you can be assured about that because this is Marvel Studios. But even Marvel cannot exert itself beyond its means. We hope that the show’s story is able to distract the fandom and quell their thirst for life-like CGI and impossible standards.


The great part of all of this is that we are going to be receiving a live-action rendition of She-Hulk. She is one of the strongest female superheroes of all time. Her existence in the MCU is a great source of inspiration for women around the world. This show will work to inspire other studios as well. We may get to see another Birds of Prey. Marvel may also go crazy and decide to actually do A Force as a movie. Who knows? Only the shadow knows…


The Future

These are all the reasons we have for why CGI in She-Hulk trailer looks so bad. It does not come as a surprise to anyone that the show will only have a side story that will only be loosely connected to the main universe. It is the first season, like many other shows of the MCU and hence any major villains won’t be making their debut. This is a good way for Marvel to assess how these independent properties do when they add only one Avenger to the show. Actually, you know what, we know why the CGI is so bad. It’s all because the entire budget was spent on Hulk’s CGI. Just look at those hulking green muscles.


Marvel Has Cast She-Hulk Tatiana Maslany

We feel that Marvel is playing favorites here and ignoring the woman who will lead this show. All of this reminds me of Avengers and Banner’s first official transformation. Good times.

What are your thoughts about the CGI in She-Hulk? Let us know what you think about it down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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