4 Overpowered Superheroes In Marvel Comics

Since the inception of superheroes even before the world war, the cultural landscape in which they were born has given them social and cultural responsibilities along with great power, integrity and the ability to kick the ass of evilness, that’s what we think and believe. Well, if we turn back to the time around silver age, superheroes were not that extraordinary that they are now. Check out four overpowered superheroes in Marvel comics:

1. Deadpool

4 Overpowered Superheroes In The Marvel Comic Books

The Merc with the Mouth is popularly known for his insane healing factor, fighting skills and can piss anybody from his sarcasm. This Marvel’s jagged take on DC’s Deathstroke seems to overpower Deadpool. As soon as Deadpool became a fan-favorite superhero of the comic book universe, his powers were peaked to incredible limits. Now he is immune to all disease and can’t die because he can graft back his chopped head. What? That’s fine, but regrowing entire head with a brain is too much.

2. Professor X

Throughout his appearance in the comic book world, Professor X has been known to solve any riddle in a story in seconds. Thanks to the writers that he did not follow the footsteps of Magneto, who sought the mutant superiority. He can restrict the power of his rogues, incapacitate them and can literally stop their brains from functioning. Remember, superheroes are not gods. Moreover, he can defend against his powers.

3. Thor

The God of Asgards, Thor has always been treated like God, who with the help of his hammer Mjolnir can destroy planets. Is he an asteroid or an apocalypse in a human form? I wonder how a superhero can lift the Midgard serpent which is half of the weight of Earth. Moreover, he can kill the immortals.

4. Hulk

Overpowered superheroes in Marvel comics

Hulk may have been beaten now and before, but he is an indestructible giant who gets angry and scares the shit of everybody in the comic book universe. He once lifted a castle and threw Fin Fang Foom with an escape velocity. For God’s sake, there has to be a kill-switch to bring them down in their timelines. It seems totally cartoonish when they are shown overpowered in comics and movies.

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