10 Marvel Super Villains Who Are Actually World Conquerors

Marvel Super Villains:

Superheroes cannot always be there to save the day. Sometimes they are not enough. Sometimes the villains manage to win the battle and the overall war. And when they do, the entire world turns into ashes. These are the supervillains who managed to do the impossible – Make Evil Triumph over Good.

 1. Thanos

Thanos could return

We begin our list with the most obvious of all the Marvel Comic Super-Villains. Thanos the Mad Titan is so powerful there actually is a religion developed by a huge horde of cult worshippers that worship the purple maniac. Thanos has conquered many worlds and has made many more submit to his power. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is shown to be a ruler of several civilizations although it has not been explored in depth. Thanos in the comic books has had several iterations.

Marvel Super Villains

In one alternate timeline, Thanos decided to rule the entire universe and his first step was to destroy Earth and all the superheroes on it since they had always been the primary thorn to his plans. Thanos manages to do just that and not just Earth but the entire universe is forced to bend on its knees.

 2. Maestro

Maestro is probably the most powerful version of the Hulk in existence. In 1992’s The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect story arc, the Hulk is transported to a future that is devastated by nuclear warfare. The Hulk is the only one who has survived the aftermath of the war. But with all the radiation in the air, the Hulk ends up absorbing all that power to become even stronger and more insane. All that power ended up corrupting the Hulk. He became a dictator and built a city for him-self to rule.

When Bruce Banner from the past timeline travels to the far future, he comes into contact with the Maestro. Both fight and the latter easily wins the battle. To turn the tables, Bruce Banner in his Professor Hulk form uses time travel technology to time displace Maestro to the point in the past when the gamma Explosion gave the Hulk his powers. The Maestro is not able to survive the gamma blast.

 3. Doctor Doom

doctor doom in black panther 2

There seldom might be any villain in the Marvel Comic Book Universe who has the clout and strength that Doctor Doom radiates. He is considered by many to be the greatest threat to the Multi-Verse. He has a mastery of science as well as proficiency in Magic. Doctor Doom has managed to trick the Beyonder into giving up his powers to him. Realizing that the entire Multi-Verse is doomed to implode and collapse within it-self, Doctor Doom combines all the universes to form Battle World.

Doctor Doom & Adam Warlock Series Disney+

As the God-Emperor Doom, Victor Von Doom rules Battle World with an Iron Fist. The Superheroes oppose his rule but they cannot directly challenge a being that can control reality itself. Doctor Doom ends up fighting the Celestials who are not happy with Doom playing God, which they consider being their job.

 4. Abraxas

Abraxas is the personification of the living void caused by destruction and chaos. He is the God of Devastation and as an entity, is the embodiment of nothingness. Braxas’ grand ambition was to fulfill his purpose in the Universe. He intended to use a device called the Ultimate Nullifier to rewrite the universe as a bottomless pit and a never-ending void. His goal was to rule this void and control everything in it. Abraxas is a very old character who first debuted in 1998 and has stuck around ever since.

Abraxas’ plans grew by leaps and bounds. Not satisfied with just trying to end the universe, Abraxas intended to use the Ultimate Nullifier to end the entire Multi-Verse and control the cradle of creation. He has already conquered several universes by then before he was stopped in his tracks by the Avengers of the mainstream Universe.

 5. Master Mold

Intelligence in Marvel Comics

The Sentinels were humanity’s attempt at finding a deterrent against the mutant population throughout the globe. Mutants had superior abilities and some of them were walking weapons of mass destruction. Humans are scared of people with guns let alone have a human tank with enough firepower to level a city walk freely. The Sentinel technology allowed the humanoid robots to identify rogue mutants by triangulating on their X-Gene and then terminating them.

Marvel Super Villains

A huge Sentinel Army was built to be Humanity’s sword against mutant. And the A.I super Sentinel that would control the Sentinels was Master Mold. In the Days of Future Past timeline, Master Mold is revealed to have considered the entire human population as the reason mutants came into existence in the first place and thus eliminated mankind, conquering the planet.

 6. Kang the Conqueror

This guy has the Conqueror title right in his name. Kang the Conqueror began his journey in the comic books as a Fantastic Four villain. He was posing as a powerful Egyptian Pharaoh Rama-Tut. After he was ousted by the superheroes, he used his time travel technology to travel to the 40th Century, which he effectively invaded and ruled as that era’s King. But Kang was never satisfied with his reign. Realizing that he could conquer entire timelines by traveling back and forth in time, Kang became Kang the Conqueror.

Every timeline will have at least one Kang trying to take over the world. Since he exists in multiple points in time simultaneously, it is very hard to get rid of Kang. Kill one and there are a thousand different iterations of the villain ready to take his place.

 7. The Red Skull

In the Old Man Logan alternate reality timeline, the world has gone to the dogs. All the Super-Villains were united under the Red Skull, who orchestrated a grand globally coordinated attack to take out all of the world’s superheroes in one swift but deadly strike. Wolverine was tricked by the Red Skull’s forces into killing his own teammates because of a Hallucinogen attack by Mysterio.

Marvel Super Villains

The rest of the superheroes also suffered similar fates. The Red Skull then divided the world amongst his generals, each getting a good piece of the cake that they ruled. The Red Skull had him-self carved a huge piece of that cake, where he lived his life in utter luxury as the rest of the world suffered. Old man Logan would finally take revenge for the superheroes by mercilessly dispatching the supervillain.

 8. Ultron

Marvel Super Villains

Ultron was swift at making the Avengers tremble in fear. He came out of nowhere and handed the Avengers their biggest defeat. Ultron was a time traveler so the Avengers traveled to the future to attack him in his own home ground. There they discovered the Age of Ultron timeline, a bleak reality where Ultron had conquered everything there ever was, is, and will be. Wolverine travels back in time to kill Hank Pym, the creator of the Ultron A.I.

Marvel Super Villains

This plan backfires when Hank Pym’s death leads to the Kree-Skrull War engulfing the Earth in eternal flames. So Wolverine travels back in time again to stop himself from killing Pym. In the end, Wolverine convinces Pym to code in a flaw within Ultron’s programming, which the Avengers use to defeat the supervillain.

 9. Morgan Le Fay

Marvel Super Villains

The Onslaught saga leads to the Avengers being transported to different realities. When they return to their home dimension, it is revealed that the world is under attack by mythic creatures that are working for a mysterious benefactor. The mysterious individual that has plunged the world into chaos is revealed to be Morgan Le Fey, who has managed to get her hands on the Norn Stones. In combination with the Norn Stones, Morgan le Fay is also controlling Scarlet Witch and using her reality-altering powers to take over the world. All the Avengers from different timelines unite to form one of the biggest team-ups of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

 10. Annihilus

Marvel Super Villains

Annihilus was a lowly insect-like being living in the Negative Zone. After coming into contact with an alien artefact called the Cosmic Control Rod, his evolutionary rate is accelerated beyond measure. Annihilus becomes a ruthless dictator. He also leads the Annihilation Wave – an armada of powerful alien star-ships with extremely potent weapons technology from the Negative Zone. Annihilus intended to take over the universe and destroy everything in his wake. His Annihilation Wave destroys Xandar, home to the Nova Corps. He is stopped by the combined efforts of the Avengers and Galactus.

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