10 Teams Who Are More Powerful Than The Avengers

The stature which Avengers have in the MCU and also in our lives is very huge as we all know to love them as they’re the first who created this era of superheroes in our lives but if we take a look back into the comic books then we will find out that, they’re really popular there in too. But, obviously, there are a lot of other teams out there who have faced Avengers many time and has also beaten them on many occasions. There are also many teams in the comic books which tasted a very brutal beating by the hands of Avengers. But, today we are going to take a look of the team who are far-far better and powerful than the team of Avengers.

I think we all should take a look at this list because it’s not easy to beat a team like Avengers which have a lot of superheroes in it. Also, the kind of heroes it has with the likes of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow in a single team. It’s going to be a really difficult task for any team to beat them. But, there are 10 teams who have done it and we are going to talk about it now. So, let’s start it:

Justice Machine:

Justice Machine was a very powerful team and had a lot of powerful superheroes in the team as they were sent to an exile by the alien government for which they used to work. During the period of the 80s and 90s, these superheroes had been jumping from one desk of publishers of others.

Now, if we talk about the team members then they have Challenger (More like an aged Captain America), Titan (he can grow into a monstrous size), Demon (an expert martial artist), Blazer (he can generate fire), Talisman (a mutant who have Karma on his side), Diviner (can start a lot of paranormal activities), and Chain (have a psionic chainsaw).

Squadron Supreme:

They are a very powerful group and were introduced back in Avengers Vol. 1 #85. In all these years we have seen a lot of great superheroes joining their team and the chief of the team is none other than Hyperion, who is simply an eternal power who is on par with the famous Sentry.

There are many other superheroes in the team is Power Princess who have telepathic powers and superhuman strengths, Redstone is the one who can lift a lot of things with ease, and int he ends Thermite who can generate both cold and heat in intense levels. They have also had their encounter with the Avengers in which Avengers were running for their money.

The Crew:

There’s nothing much to say about this team as it has superheroes like Black Panther, Storm, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Manifold. So, with all these superheroes who can teleport anywhere int he universe because of the teleporting powers of Manifold, there are very powerful. The most amazing and different thing about the Crew is that they assemble when a problem comes in front of them and when the work is done they just separated from each other and only time will tell when they’re going to return back as a team.


These are the superheroes who got their powers after being in a cable car accident as Marvel Comics came out with this idea as the roaster of this team have some really amazing superheroes as starting from Atom Bob who can easily manipulate any matter in existence, Lady Killer who is a real marksman, Yrial who is a very talented and lethal sorceress, Zip-Zap who is a very fast speedster, Grenade who can fire consecutive bombs and blasts, Electrocute who is an android and can generate electricity, and last but not the least Spectral who can hold assortment of big and lethal powers.

DNA gents:

These superheroes were premiered by Eclipse Comics back in 1983. Yes, you’re guessing it right by looking at the name of the team that they’re having some connection with DNA, as they don’t have a little but big connection with DNA as they all are superheroes with really high and great knowledge of DNA as they all are genetically equipped superheroes. Their team consists of Tank who is very strong in nature, Sham who can shift size of his body, Surge who can produce electricity, Rainbow who is a telepath, and Amber who is a very powerful psionically powered superhero.


The acronym of this team is Society of Modern American Science Heroes, this was the team of heroes who have a lot of great and powerful superheroes who were originated at the time of Golden Age as superheroes like Black Terror, Miss Masque, Tom Strange, Pyroman, Liberator, Fighting Yank, and Cavalier. This team has a lot of experience in giving tough fights to the aliens and also with all the knowledge they have about alien beings is what can give a lot of tough fight to the Avengers.

Force Works:

The West Coast Avengers were disbanded back in the mid of 90s when it was none other than Iron Man who thought that it is the right time to search for a new superhero team who have a little different display of philosophies than the Avengers. In this team, Iron Man was joined by Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, U.S. Agent, and Wonder Man. The reason why they have a clear chance of winning is the reason that Scarlet Witch is on this team and even if Iron Man will go back in the team of Avengers, Scarlet Witch can easily beat the Avengers with Spider-woman and also Wonder Man in her team.


Champions were introduced back in 1975 and this was the first team of Marvel’s first West Coast superheroes. This team was led by Black Widow which consists a lot of superheroes like Iceman, Ghost Rider, and Hercules. The team was equal to Avengers and were better than them because they’ve defeated villains like Titanium Man, Rampage, Doctor Doom, and Crimson Dynamo. As they’ve achieved a lot more than their powers in the history and when you have Greek-God Hercules with you and on top of that they have many superheroes who can do a lot of damage to the Avengers.

Guardians Of The Galaxy:

I know there will be a lot of eyebrows on this name but real comic fans know what Guardians of the Galaxy are all about and are simply a lot more lethal and powerful than the ones shown on the big screen who are slightly funny and calm. If we take a look into the original team of Guardians of the Galaxy then we will find that hunter Yondu, Vance Astro, Charlie-27, and Martinix. It’s not going to be an easy task for the Avengers to take on a team who also have Drax and Gamora in it. Also, the strange and interesting part is that Iron Man and Venom has also been part-time team members of this team which makes this team simply unbeatable.

Dark Avengers:

It is simply a straight win for this team because the villains this team have in it are simply incredible as they have Dark Wolverine who is Daken, Dark Hawkeye who is Bullseye, Ares, Dark Captain Marvel who is Noh-Varr, Dark Spider-Man who is Venom, Dark Ms. Marvel who is Moonstone, and Sentry also in the team. Sentry is enough for the reason of this team’s win against the Avengers. The team has been led by Norman Osborn.

So, these are our picks of the teams who can beat the Avengers easily. If you also know the name of any other team who can beat the Avengers? Then, do tell us in the comments section below.

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