• 5 Celebs Who are Hell Disappointed Because of DONALD TRUMP’S Victory

    Even before the U.S. election was officially called, Hollywood celebs are already voicing distress over the results, which resulted in a win for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Take a look at what these 5 disappointed celebs had to say about Donald Trump’s victory. Chris Evans Even Captain America was at a loss. Chris Evans, who’s well known for his Marvel…

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  • Why Marvel Stars Want Young Americans To Vote [But Not] For Donald Trump?

    The Avengers have been known to superheroes who protect the world from evil forces and villains. And they are well equipped for their role-immense powers, super intellect, awesome gadgets and a strong strain of morality to keep them from reaching too far up. The actors who play the Avengers also have an insane power. Marvel Stars like Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett…

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  • Top 5 On-Set Affairs of Hollywood

    You can find your love anywhere, in your office, school, in college, at night clubs or sometimes even during a journey. Many actors and actresses found their love of while filming. Here are Top 5 famous on-set affairs 1) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie “Mr.& Mrs. Smith” (2005) They soon turned into a power couple after filming “Mr.& Mrs. Smith” in…

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  • sandeep kumar

    Is Sandeep Kumar “Eklavya” while Arvind Kejriwal “Dronacharya” in AAP?

    A day after Women and Child Development Minister in Delhi government, Sandeep Kumar, was sacked from the Aam Admi Party after a sex video surfaced, denied any involvement in the video that made headlines on Wednesday evening, and claimed that he is being targeted because he is a Dalit. Kumar told news agency ANI, “I am paying the price of…

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  • Hillary Clinton

    A Famous Celebrity Couple to Host a Major Fund-Raiser for Hillary Clinton

    Oscar award winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio was all set to host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton foundation, but now has backed out of the program. According to the source to People Magazine, “Leonardo DiCaprio was scheduled to host a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday at his home in L.A.” “Unfortunately, Leo is stuck in New York until Wednesday to…

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  • narendra modi

    Top 10 Quotes from Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech

    India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day. And most awaited thing is the speech delivered by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the historical Red Fort. Here are ten  highlights from his speech. 1) Our social unity is most important; division in the name of caste, creed hurts the country. Need to rise above all these issues. 2) It’s easy…

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  • Will Donald Trump Act Like Mad King of Westeros in the White House?

    It seems that the US Presidential race 2016 primary process is pretty much over on both sides of the aisle, at least on the Republic side Donald J. Trump is the presumptive nominee of the party. The results of Oregon and Kentucky primaries came out where Senator Sanders performed exceedingly well, upset the polls, won Oregon convincingly and came within…

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  • Which Game of Thrones Character Would Best Describe President Obama?

    When season 5 of Game of Thrones was about to hit the TV screens, unfortunately, the first four episodes got leaked on the internet causing a lot of embarrassment to HBO and the show-makers. This year they have exercised extra caution and have firmly decided not to release copies of the episodes to the critics and reviewers. But it included…

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  • Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Worst DNC Chair Ever?

    When Debbie was appointed as the Chair-woman of Democratic National Committee (DNC), she was supposed to stand for progressive ideals and safeguard the interests of American middle-class. But saying that she has betrayed her constituency and disappointed democratic voters would be an under-statement. She has been in the news for all the negative reasons one can imagine. Firstly, she blatantly…

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  • Super Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Cheer for Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

      If you see mainstream media outlets, you will be very discouraged if you are a Bernie supporter, as they have already written his electoral obituary. But once we carefully analyze Super Tuesday results, we see a completely different picture. In the final results tally, Secretary Clinton won 7 states although Massachusetts is a tiny victory as number of delegates…

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  • US Presidential Elections 2016: Almost Confirmed Who’ll be Sanders VP Pick

    Amidst political temperatures running high across US, as almost everyone has begun to “feel the bern”, Hillary Clinton eked out a razer thin victory in Iowa which was supposed to be her stronghold. Senator Sanders is like King Leonidas of Sparta who said to the messenger that “the world will know before this battle gets over that even god-king can…

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  • Sanders 2016: 5 Major Policy Proposals To Break the Wall-Street Monopoly

      It’s no more a speculation or talk of political circles, Senator Sanders has truly arrived onto the political scene. He is a real and a credible threat to Hillary Clinton’s bid to the democratic nomination for presidential race in 2016. According to the latest polls, Bernie Sanders is leading in key primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa,…

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  • Bernie Sanders: A Moral Force To Reckon With

    In a major turn of events in the US Presidential race, Senator Sanders is charging ahead with great gusto and enthusiasm. After coming out with flying colors in the first Democratic debate, he is inching towards claiming the much coveted Democratic nomination for the White House. Although, Hillary Clinton is the most preferred establishment candidate who is backed by top…

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  • Bernie Sanders Creates History, Outpacing Obama’s 2008 Fundraising

    When the U.S. Senator from Vermont, announced his candidacy to become the Democratic nominee for the White House in the 2016 Presidential race, whether there were liberal groups, right-wing groups, or even the progressive wing of the Democratic party shrugged him off as no competition to Hilary Clinton, who was considered to be the front-runner for the top job. But…

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  • 5 Policy Positions of Bernie Sanders That Makes Him An Ideal US Presidential Candidate

    Bernie Sanders has been one of the longest serving independent in US Congressional history. He is a U.S. Senator from Vermont, and has thrown his hat in the ring for the Presidential race in 2016. According to the latest polls by agencies like CNN/ORC, Quinnipiac etc, Bernie Sanders is ahead of Hilary Clinton in key Democratic primary states like Iowa,…

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  • narendra-modi-pm

    Five Things That Made Us Proud of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

    Moving ahead from a tea stall to the local shakas (training sessions) from the land of Gujaratis, to the land of North Indians, our Honorable Prime Minister is an epitome of success. Leaving behind the 14 years throne of the state of Gujarat, he walked in victorious in the general elections of 2014 and preceded Mr.Manmohan Singh. He is the…

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  • Reasons Why Jeb Bush Won't Make it to the White House

    5 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Won’t make it to the White House

    Finally, another guy with a surname “Bush” entered the race for White House and thrown his hat in the ring. After the disaster that his brother inflicted upon US economy and its image in the global arena, Jeb Bush still thinks that given his governance track record and viability as an effective candidate, the American people are ready to send…

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  • Indo-Bangla land boundary agreement

    5 Things You should Know about Indo-Bangla Land Boundary Agreement

    After a decade of bilateral negotiations, India and Bangladesh decided to bury their differences and entered into a historic land boundary agreement to settle 4,096 kilometres long border dispute and foster trading relations between the two countries. The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accompanied PM Modi during the time of signing up of an agreement which paved the way…

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    4 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US President

    The official campaign for 2016 US Presidential elections has begun with a slew of candidates announcing their decisions to run for the President on both sides of the aisle. Here are 4 major factors why Hillary Rodham Clinton is far ahead of her competitors both within the Democratic party and against the Republicans and is poised to become the next…

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  • European Union

    Keep your friends close, your enemies closer : Lessons from the European Union

    Prior to the formation of a supranational governing body over 26 sovereign states, Europe had largely been a warring continent. Countries like France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Greece have fought each other since their formation, some of them, being colonial powers had also expanded their conflicts to other continents like Africa and Asia. Historically, the states in Europe…

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  • economic expansion

    Neo-colonialism: The Sino-African economic expansion.

    In the contemporary world in order to maintain an economy, one needs to have a proper industry and influx of raw material to the same industry, evident from the western and Chinese economic expansion, a growth in the economy has to be backed by a growth in the infrastructure and upturn in production and utilization of resources. But what if…

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  • Ukraine

    Eastern Promises: Ukraine Crisis

    It all began on 21st November, 2013, when Ukrainian president  Viktor Yanukovych suspended any and all preparations for Ukraine joining the European Union which resulted in a widespread protest, Although, purely domestic at first, the protest spiraled into a revolt of the masses against the government  resulting ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych by a revolution in February 2014 including riot…

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