Will Donald Trump Act Like Mad King of Westeros in the White House?

It seems that the US Presidential race 2016 primary process is pretty much over on both sides of the aisle, at least on the Republic side Donald J. Trump is the presumptive nominee of the party. The results of Oregon and Kentucky primaries came out where Senator Sanders performed exceedingly well, upset the polls, won Oregon convincingly and came within the striking distance in Kentucky where Hillary Clinton won by over 30 points in 2008. The delegate math favors her despite her losses and she would probably be the democratic nominee until something dramatic happens in the near future (for instance possible FBI Indictment over e-mail scandal or an electoral bloodbath in California) that may force super-delegates to switch their allegiances.

trump n hillary

Hence, its Trump vs Clinton for the white house and it’s far from over despite what the political pundits might say on CNN or MSNBC. According to a recent string of polls from Quinnipiac, Public policy, NBC, Hillary Clinton has a slim 2-3 points lead over Donald J. Trump nationally, almost a statistical tie in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida, losing Ohio by 4 points. Here’s a mind-boggling data point, she has a negative 20 unfavorability rating in Florida in terms of trustworthiness and honesty while Trump fares better than her in the state. We need to add another factor in our calculations i.e how many Sanders supporters will vote Trump over Hillary in November. According to a poll in West-Virginia, 44% of Sanders supporters will go with Trump over Hillary in the general election.


Given the circumstances, it’s fairly rational to conclude that Donald Trump may actually become the next President of USA. He has already back-tracked on his earlier unpopular positions on minimum wage and imposing a ban on the entry of Muslims (now that London mayor is Muslim). He will be working with RNC to raise money for the campaign and secure establishment support. The question is: Will he behave irresponsibly once he enters the White house? Will he be impeached? Maybe. He said in an interview that he may even announce bankruptcy to resolve the debt crisis of US economy, which would be an epic disaster for the global economy. OR Is he just a scare monger? Is there a method to his madness? Only time will tell. But no matter who wins, America will lose.



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