4 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US President

The official campaign for 2016 US Presidential elections has begun with a slew of candidates announcing their decisions to run for the President on both sides of the aisle. Here are 4 major factors why Hillary Rodham Clinton is far ahead of her competitors both within the Democratic party and against the Republicans and is poised to become the next US President in the year 2016:

It’s the money Lebowski:

hillary clinton
Hillary 2016

According to different research studies on the influence of money on electoral outcomes, it’s a well-established fact that big money trumps righteousness, the candidate with more money emerge victorious 9 out of 10 times. The Hilary Clinton’s campaign team has set an ambitious goal of raising close to around $1.8-$2 bn for buying media space and other expenses, it has already managed to scare her opponents who were earlier thinking of throwing their hat in the race and challenging her in this high-stakes battle.

The Women’s Vote Bank:

hillary clinton
Hillary- Coming Soon

With the announcement of Hilary Clinton to be running for the White House, the women across America can be seen emboldened and converging towards her amidst clamour for having the first US Woman President in the Oval office. Her campaign team is busy preparing a concrete strategy to target women’s vote in particular and stir up emotions of half the electorate in their favour.    

Hitting the right notes:


hillary clinton
Hillary hitting the right note

Ever since she made it public of her decision to run, she has been delivering speeches at various forums and elucidating her vision for America. Her points of view on critical policy issues are welcoming and reformist, receiving enthusiastic response from both experts and populace. For instance, she expressed her displeasure over mass incarcerations of section of population for non-violent crimes, supported the idea of constitutional amendment to bring an end to influence of Super PAC’s on American politics etc.

 Lack of Competition:

hillary clinton
Elizabeth Warren not contesting

There is no real challenger in sight who could give run for her money, until now at least. Within Democratic party, Elizabeth Warren who could have pulled Obama on her, has decided to sit this one out and give Hilary Clinton clear passage to win primaries. On the opposition front, there isn’t any credible face who can galvanize masses and suppress the clout of Clintons.

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