Bernie Sanders: A Moral Force To Reckon With

In a major turn of events in the US Presidential race, Senator Sanders is charging ahead with great gusto and enthusiasm. After coming out with flying colors in the first Democratic debate, he is inching towards claiming the much coveted Democratic nomination for the White House. Although, Hillary Clinton is the most preferred establishment candidate who is backed by top Wall-street banks and enjoys immense support among the rank and file of Democratic party top leadership.


The greatest one liner/zinger of the entire debate was made by Senator Sanders when he said “Congress doesn’t regulate Wall-Street, Wall-Street regulates Congress,” it resonated with the American mass audience and raised his profile as the potential candidate for President, not someone who is in the fringes and is unelectable.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton performed along the expected lines, she played a perfect Centrist, someone who will not break up the “Too Big to Fail” banks but strengthen financial reforms legislation. The rest of the democratic pack could’nt make a significant impact in the debate.

According to various polls, focus group surveys of major news organizations etc Bernie Sanders clearly prevailed over Hillary, but several prominent media outlets like CNN reported otherwise, exposing the nexus between big Washington election machine and media industry. Another major controversy of the debate was the absence of Harvard Professor Larry Lessig who has also decided to run for President on a single issue of getting money out of politics. But he was not given an opportunity to participate in a democratic debate by the DNC leadership, despite meeting the criteria of having 1% support in National polls.


One of the greatest strengths of Bernie has been his absolute consistency on various policy positions ranging from Universal Healthcare to gun control, raising minimum wages to opposing Iraq war. He bolstered his image of a “Little Guy” candidate by refusing to accept Corporate money for his campaign, create a Super-PAC for attack ads against his opponents etc, instead he has raised small donations from regular middle class households and worker unions. #FEELTHEBERN

Anuj Aggarwal

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