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    Bernie Sanders: A Moral Force To Reckon With

    In a major turn of events in the US Presidential race, Senator Sanders is charging ahead with great gusto and enthusiasm. After coming out with flying colors in the first Democratic debate, he is inching towards claiming the much coveted Democratic nomination for the White House. Although, Hillary Clinton is the most preferred establishment candidate who is backed by top…

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  • PoliticsReasons Why Jeb Bush Won't Make it to the White House

    5 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Won’t make it to the White House

    Finally, another guy with a surname “Bush” entered the race for White House and thrown his hat in the ring. After the disaster that his brother inflicted upon US economy and its image in the global arena, Jeb Bush still thinks that given his governance track record and viability as an effective candidate, the American people are ready to send…

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    4 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US President

    The official campaign for 2016 US Presidential elections has begun with a slew of candidates announcing their decisions to run for the President on both sides of the aisle. Here are 4 major factors why Hillary Rodham Clinton is far ahead of her competitors both within the Democratic party and against the Republicans and is poised to become the next…

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