10 Famous Movies That Gave Away Their Plot

Movies in today’s time have a lot going on with the story and the storyline, but what makes the movie an extraordinary breakthrough in the cinema or a notable seller is the Twist or the plot that the story contains. There have been several movies around the years, which have had multiple story plots and embedded within them. But there are a few noticeable movies that have given away the plot or the twist of the movie which was rooted in the movie through subtle hints implanted across the storyline, right from the beginning to the middle before the story hits the climax. For many of the viewers to be able to pick up these twists and plots from the movie is kind of rough, but for many others, the subtle reveal of twists and plots are as easy to pick up as it can get. Since the movies end up being a marvelous reveal it is pretty evident that there are not a lot of people who can pick up the subtle hints. So here is a list of movies that were applauded for being a tremendous plot twister making them one of the famous movies with an incredible plot twist.


Movies Gave Away Their Plot

The movie directed by Bong Joon Ho is one of his best picture-winning Masterpieces got the parasite which is hinged on a Marvelous plot twist. The plot twist is that the wealthy Park’s family’s housekeeper has hidden her husband in the park family’s secret basement for the last four years to protect him from loan sharks. The plot can initially be made out in the movie when we see the housekeeping lady being up to something tricky and she always managing to eat food which is good for at least two people.


Hollywood Animated Movies

Coco is one of Pixar’s to date most well animated and a plot twister revealed Motion Picture which has gathered millions of followers from across the globe. The movie revolves around the story of Miguel who is a young boy looking to follow his passion in the field of music and somehow manages to get the guitar that his great grandfather once used to play with. The story reveals how Miguel gets stuck in the Afterlife and manages to meet his great grandfather only to find out that he is a fake and is the one who poisoned his actual grandfather to take away the fame and credit for the entire work done by him.

Movies Gave Away Their Plot
Movies Gave Away Their Plot

The plot is pretty much evident from the starting of the movie when Miguel is holding a guitar which on the strum has the dental imprint of his real grandfather who has one golden tooth.


The movie revolves around a plot that shows a father looking for his daughter employing social networks with the daughter stuck in a ravine. The movie revolves around the plot by showing a news headline as to how a trekker survived for 9 days in a ravine. Also, the person who pushes the daughter off the cliff is the actual perpetrator and his mother who is an ex-detective tries to cover her son’s track. Her involvement in the plot is revealed by a Facebook picture of a famous Agatha Christie’s quote which said “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world” which kind of gives the whole plot away.

La La Land

La La Land was one of the greatest dramedy plot twists of the century. In an attempt to pay homage to classical Hollywood musicals writer-director Damien Chazelle’s romantic drama comedy was on a whole new level when it came to Hollywood musicals. The chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling builds up a story that leads the audience to wonder whether in the end, whether they will get together or not.

Movies Gave Away Their Plot
Movies Gave Away Their Plot

But one particular song at the beginning of the movie with the title “another day of the sun” includes the direct lyrics

“cost may be in that sleepy town heel fit one day the life at the town he’ll see my face and think of how he used to know me”

Give away with the entire plot of the movie which states that they will get together but eventually they will Walk their separate paths.

The Dark Knight Rises

In the movie Dark Knight Rises viewers witness Talia’s return to Gotham reveals which was one of the greatest plots in the DC universe as she is the long-lost daughter of the infamous Ras Al-Ghoul (Liam Neeson). The movie shows a scene where Bruce Wayne is seen asking Talia Tate about a mark on her shoulder which resembles the mark of the group called the ‘League of shadows’. In another scene, we see Talia Tate responding to Bruce at a party and coating him saying that all she wants is “to bring balance to the world” which is and in reality, the motto for the “The League of Shadows”.


Movies Gave Away Their Plot
Movies Gave Away Their Plot

The plot revolves around a family that is being manipulated to become the source of reincarnation to a demon called ‘Paimon’. There are several hints spread across the movie which show how the cult plans on fooling the family into believing that it is the family’s destiny to fulfill the end purpose of the cult.

Blade Runner 2049

Movie Sequels

In this movie, we see that the actual protagonist is not the real hero but rather another character that appears earlier in the movie. This could be hinted at by seen the clipping of the youth where the supposed protagonist has a healthy growth of hair whereas all the boys in the orphanage have been shaved bald.

Hot Fuzz

A heated argument with the Chief Inspector shows us the protagonist telling his Chief “With respect Sir, you can’t just make the people disappear”, to which the Chief responds by saying “Yes, I can because I am the Chief Inspector”. This dialogue alone states the whole clause of the Chief using his powers to make people disappear from a quiet town in England.


A reference to the movie called C.H.U.D which stood for “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers” kind of gives away the major plot of this movie. Which are the murderous clones which were created by the US government and have been staying in the city sewers after the experimentation was abruptly shut.

Knives Out

This movie is filled with spoilers about the plot, with Ransom trying to kill the housekeeper with a knife only to find out that it is a retractable prop knife. To the time the dogs consider Ransom to be a threat and show extreme hostile behavior towards him. The plot of the story is laid out all over the movie.

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