Why MCU Should Have a Magneto Solo Movie or Series

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are actually excited about the idea of them doing a reboot for the X-Men characters. Over the years we have seen some significant projects from X-Men but there has been a mixed reception for them. But now that the MCU will bring their own rendition of them we can’t wait to see how they work in this well-established universe. Though there’s no information yet on how the MCU will try to adopt this variety of characters. Everyone has already started theorizing how these characters will be brought into MCU and which actor might take up these roles. Amongst the mutants, there is a certain amount of fandom for the character of Magneto and there were even plans for the character to have his solo project. MCU should actually work on a Magneto Solo Movie in order to give him some interesting character development. 


The past few adaptations of the characters of X-Men saw some brilliant casting decisions that gave us some interesting narratives. Both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender brought an interesting narrative and their own perspective of the character. This was the prime reason that the movies actually became quite an interesting watch other than the MCU. Fans got to see Fassbender actually work out the entire narrative for the character’s past as a subplot in X-Men: First Class. But the movies failed to bring the same charm the franchise had at the very beginning with the later projects failing to deliver.


Even with the vast variety of characters in the narrative, special attention was given to a few of the characters. It is rather obvious that most of this was focused on the fan-favorite character of Wolverine. But we did see the chemistry between Magneto and Professor Xavier being dealt with rather excitingly. Each of the projects showed the evolution of these two characters as the mutant race faced some of the most drastic threats. We did get solo projects out of this franchise for Wolverine even though other projects were dropped later. But fans might not know that there was actually a Magneto project that was canceled in 2010.


Canceled Magneto Solo Movie

Even before X-Men Origins: Wolverine was announced, there was much discussion regarding the idea of a Magneto movie. The plans for the movie were actually taken ahead by 20th Century Fox and a script was written by screenwriter Sheldon Turner. But X-Men Origins: Magneto had a delayed start and it got shelved before finally being announced as canceled. The movie would have given a chance for the character to have his own origin story back when he was still known as Eric Lensherr.


MCU Should Revive These Plans

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for making some of the most interesting villains. Marvel has a wide variety of such characters that allows them to work on interesting narratives. Thanos is a very layered character and there are things about his decisions that are actually right but his path to his aim is what was wrong. The same can be said in terms of a character like Magneto. Magneto has often been actually right but he doesn’t actually try to take everything into consideration when he goes through with his plans. As the MCU is actually trying to bring the X-Men characters, a solo project about Magneto would make an interesting narrative to develop the character.


Magneto Solo Movie

We haven’t actually seen any MCU project exploring an antagonist character even though DCEU already has made attempts at that. Sony made their anti-villain projects but they were solo ventures and they didn’t take into consideration other things that would be at stake. There are yet no details regarding how Marvel plans to bring the mutants into the MCU and there’s an excitement about how that would work out. But if MCU works this out with a Magneto narrative then it would be an exciting look into the world of mutants. This is mostly because the character has an added depth of being aware of the suffering of the mutants.

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