Super Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Cheer for Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

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If you see mainstream media outlets, you will be very discouraged if you are a Bernie supporter, as they have already written his electoral obituary. But once we carefully analyze Super Tuesday results, we see a completely different picture. In the final results tally, Secretary Clinton won 7 states although Massachusetts is a tiny victory as number of delegates will be divided almost equally among the two candidates. Senator Sanders won 4 states – Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Vermont which is better than a wipe out.

Following are the reasons why his supporters should be encouraged by Super Tuesday results and prepare for a longer fight:


Bernie won Blue and Swing states while Hillary won Southern States:

Secretary Clinton racked up three major Southern states – Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia which is part of a Republican base whereas Sanders won swing states like Colorado. Minnesota victory is a huge surprise as he was behind in the poll numbers.

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