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  • May- 2015 -
    9 May
    PoliticsEuropean Union

    Keep your friends close, your enemies closer : Lessons from the European Union

    Prior to the formation of a supranational governing body over 26 sovereign states, Europe had largely been a warring continent. Countries like France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Greece have fought each other since their formation, some of them, being colonial powers had also expanded their conflicts to other continents like Africa and Asia. Historically, the states in Europe…

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  • 9 May
    economic expansion

    Neo-colonialism: The Sino-African economic expansion.

    In the contemporary world in order to maintain an economy, one needs to have a proper industry and influx of raw material to the same industry, evident from the western and Chinese economic expansion, a growth in the economy has to be backed by a growth in the infrastructure and upturn in production and utilization of resources. But what if…

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  • 3 May

    Eastern Promises: Ukraine Crisis

    It all began on 21st November, 2013, when Ukrainian president  Viktor Yanukovych suspended any and all preparations for Ukraine joining the European Union which resulted in a widespread protest, Although, purely domestic at first, the protest spiraled into a revolt of the masses against the government  resulting ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych by a revolution in February 2014 including riot…

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