Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Worst DNC Chair Ever?

When Debbie was appointed as the Chair-woman of Democratic National Committee (DNC), she was supposed to stand for progressive ideals and safeguard the interests of American middle-class. But saying that she has betrayed her constituency and disappointed democratic voters would be an under-statement.

She has been in the news for all the negative reasons one can imagine. Firstly, she blatantly expressed her support for Hillary Clinton and slammed Bernie Sanders for even fighting against her. She is a DNC Chair and is not supposed to take sides during democratic primaries. Atleast her RNC counterpart Reince Priebus is not as explicit as her.

If you thought that was enough, she has joined Republicans efforts to systematically gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau led by Senator Elizabeth Warren. Apparently, she is co-sponsoring legislation that would delay and eventually muzzle the pending CFTB rules to rein in pay-day lenders. These are basically loan sharks who exploit vulnerable sections and charge exorbitant interest rates, as high as 304% in Florida. She demonstrated her commitment to the lobbyists and big donors instead of the small guy on the street whom she was supposed to protect. Further, she added salt to the wounds when she declared war on medical marijuana. In 2014, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, allowing very limited uses to alleviate pain for cancer patients, she has begun to mount significant criticism against the bill owing to large contributions from alcohol industry. She has absolutely no issue with prescriptions of opiates despite the fact that they are linked to heroin addiction, but she is against marijuana initiatives. Guess, she might lose her seat in Congress in 2017.


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