Avengers: Endgame – Tony Stark Reveals How His Time Space GPS Functions

How Tony Stark Reveals Time Space GPS Functions:

Marvel’s new MCU tie-in book, “The Wakanda Files A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond” has revealed an ocean of new details, and cleared quite a lot of MCU related mysteries. So far, we’ve already talked about how Tony spotted Peter Parker, how he attained nanoparticles, why he developed the Iron Spider suit, a tease of the X-Gene, Bucky’s ties to the Tesseract, Peter Parker’s web fluid formula, Shuri’s attempts to manually synthesize the Heart-shaped Herb, Janet’s new powers, Wakanda’s investigation upon the murder of Howard Stark, how the Super Soldier serum worked on Cap’s body, why Rhodey switched from War Machine to the Iron Patriot armor, Hydra’s experimentation upon Bucky’s brain and many other intricate details. Now, we’re going to talk about Tony’s knowledge of the Quantum Realm.

Tony didn’t just figure out time travel out of nowhere. In the past, we’ve come across the revelation that Tony’s Mark 85 suit was built for one specific purpose, which was to keep him alive for as long as possible when he gathered the Infinity Stones. So, if that was always the plan, then it is sort of obvious that Tony must have attempted to solve time travel during the 5 year time jump between Infinity War & Endgame. He may have dropped the idea of it, but the arrival of Scott Lang gave him that one glimmer of hope which he needed. He saw that travelling back and forth in time was possible, which led to his second attempt at time travel.

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And now, The Wakanda Files have elaborated what Tony theorized about the Quantum travels. In the book, Tony sent an email to Smart Hulk, in which he wrote:

“Input/output device intended to track the trajectory of an entity through quantum spacetime and assist in proper navigation. Data from a geometric sliding positioning on the Möbius strip is transmitted and constantly pinged back to the home computing device. The server can then process that data and realign the trajectory of the traveler as necessary. Think of it like time machine auto-pilot. Just set the coordinates and go.

How Tony Stark Reveals Time Space GPS Functions

This kind of theoretical science shouldn’t even be testable, let alone presented in a successful simulated system. I find myself re-reading Deutch’s “Quantum mechanics near closed timelike lines” just to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Using this model, altering events of the past could never affect the continuous loop. Though, it could create tangential split-timelines, but let’s not worry about that for the time being.”

How Tony Stark Reveals Time Space GPS Functions

After successfully rendering the model of an inverted Mobius strip, Tony was hypothesizing about navigating through the Quantum Realm. From what we’ve read in this email and seen in the movie, how Tony’s Time Space GPS worked has become clear. The user just needs to set the coordinates, date & time of their destination in the timeline, and the GPS device would do the rest. It would transmit data through the Quantum Realm, which would then ping back to the device, telling it the direction that needs to be followed in the Quantum Realm. So, the device would sort of work like sonar and guide its users to their destinations. Furthermore, the email states that Stark already knew about how changing the past events would create a new timeline altogether.

How Tony Stark Reveals Time Space GPS Functions

Avengers: Endgame was a long movie and it wasn’t possible for the writers and directors to add this sort of detailed explanation in the film. But, it’s good that we’ve still got these details later on as they’ve enhanced our understanding of time travel in the MCU. Now let’s see how time travel and its relation to the multiverse are further explained in projects like Loki, Doctor Strange 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp 3, and Avengers 5.

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