Fascinating New Details Revealed About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book

New Details About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book: 

Captain America’s Project Rebirth in 1943 was the biggest success in human history. In Marvel’s new tie-in book, “The Wakanda Files A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond,” we get a detailed description of how the Super Soldier serum enhanced Steve Rogers. First, 6 vials of the Super Soldier serum were infused into the muscles of Steve Rogers. Then he was fully exposed to vita-ray radiation (100 % exposure) to stimulate muscle and tissue growth. This is when Steve was physically reborn as a new man, even though he was the same on the inside.

New Details About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book

A man who was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 95 pounds suddenly grew 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 240 pounds. You’d actually be fascinated to know the abilities of Captain America. We’ve seen how powerless he was physically. Sure he was smart and had a heart of a lion. He never backed down of a fight and always punched above his weight. But, he was still incapable of passing any physical tests in his training camp.

After the experiment, he gained the strength to bench-press “several tons.” To be exact, 1 ton is equal to 907 kilograms. A chopper possibly weighs somewhere between five to twenty thousand kilos. So, if Steve was able to pull a moving chopper towards him with just when hand, then just imagine how strong he truly is! No wonder he was able to resist the hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

New Details About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book

A regular person at rest burns approximately 1,800 calories in a day when his or her body is at rest. Steve Rogers on the other hand burns 7650 calories when his body is at rest. “His lung capacity and
efficiency are astounding.”
Thanks to the Super-Soldier Serum, his immune system was strengthened, and his healing and cellular regeneration became faster than a regular human. This insanely fast metabolic rate, and his immune system are the reasons why he was able to survive being frozen in ice for almost 70 years.

Along with his strength & durability, he can comfortably run thirteen miles in thirty minutes. This brings him to an average speed of 26 miles per hour. Usain Bolt has clocked the highest speed of 27.8mph in a 100 meter sprint. Now imagine Cap running almost as fast as him for 30 minutes! In fact, he might be able to go much faster is he is sprinting.

New Details About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book

On top of every physical enhancement, Steve also became much smarter. He has a “near-photographic” memory. We noticed this when he marked all the secret bases of Hydra on the map after just having one look at it. “His real-time analyzation and strategic planning ability are unmatched.” This was apparent when he was able to come up with a battle strategy as soon as all the Avengers assembled during the first movie.

New Details About Captain America Through MCU’s New Book

But, a point that I’d like to add at the end is that there’s something more than science that made Steve’s experiment successful, and that came from within him. It was because of the kind of human he was. Doctor Erskine perfectly explained how the Serum enhances what’s within a person. “Good Becomes great. Bad becomes worse.” Because there was good in Steve’s heart, he turned out to be great. In fact, he was so great and noble that he was worthy of the power of Thor.

The only sort of drawback that Steve’s new state had was that his caloric intake also grew immensely. He had to eat a lot, so only God could have helped the person who would have had to clean the toilet after Steve was done with it. Thankfully, he retired from crime fighting when he went back to live with Peggy. Or else, poor old Peggy would have had to spend half of her time taking care of Cap’s diet and cleaning up the toilet. 😛

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