Marvel’s Magic School Makes Hogwarts Seem Like A School For Babies

Marvel’s Magic School:

The world of Sorcery has come too far along in the Marvel comics. We can’t say the same for the MCU just yet, but the Sorcerers’ world that could be compared to the Marvel Universe is Harry Potter. It is 10 films old, and we do know a lot about it. In fact, the Fantastic Beasts franchise is taking magic to a whole new level even though it is a prequel to the original. But still, we’re here to say that the teachers of Marvel’s Magic actually make the teachers of Harry Potter’s magic seem like lame little babies.

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Like Hogwarts, Marvel now has their own new school of magic that has been established by Doctor Strange. The MCU’s Doctor Strange is far away from doing this, but in the comics, he has now begun teaching students in the “Strange Academy” (written and crafted by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos). In the Strange Academy, there are teachers far too potent with witchcraft and wizardry than the ones in the Harry Potter universe could ever be.

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Marvel's Magic School

As far as the main students are concerned, they’ve joined the Strange Academy from all across the 8 realms. And then, there are students from other dimensions as well. The greatest example of this is the young son of Dormammu himself. The school also has a young witch from the Hell Dimension of Limbo. This is an interesting batch of students if you compare them with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

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Now let’s get to the most interesting part, i.e. the teachers of the Strange Academy. The Ancient One had to be a part of the faculty. The old man teaches History of all 423 Magical Objects that have been acquired from Earth and 27 other closes dimensions. One of these objects is actually able to summon a massive Genie, who might be equivalent to Aladdin’s but only much scarier.

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The second teacher of the school is none other than Scarlet Witch. Wanda is yet to learn her chaos magic in the MCU, but she is quite an expert with this form of sorcery that manipulates reality itself. Just imagine if all the prolific students of the school were to become potent with chaos magic. They’d hold the power to literally change the whole world.

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After Scarlet Witch comes Jericho Drumm aka Brother Voodoo. He will be making his MCU debut as soon as 2022. But he is already a well-established sorcerer in the comics, and he introduces the children to the Undead. Since death is not the end in the comics, and there’s afterlife and resurrections, the students have to learn about all of that.

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Man-Thing (who is Marvel’s equivalent to DC’s Swamp Thing) educates the young mystics about Magical Plants and the Care Thereof. Not all classes are as safe as the Academy’s Herbology wing of Man-Thing. There are some high risk classes as well. Sister Sera of the Holy Sepulcher runs one of these classes where she passes on the history of the world and heaven. The risky part of this history lesson is that the student actually gets to time travel to see the events as they take place.

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Marvel's Magic School

All this information came from the second issue of Strange Academy, which also reveals Magik’s Inferno 101 class of the Hell Dimension. In this class, the students get first-hand experience of Hell when Magik transport 2 of them to Limbo to test whether they could use their skills to survive in the extreme conditions.

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Just imagine if a Strange Academy were to become a part of the MCU later down the line. The mystic arts of the MCU already seem much more efficient than the Harry Potter Universe where the wizards cannot conjure magic without their wands. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going to take the Mystical side of things to a whole new level. In fact, the expansion of the mystical side will begin from WandaVision & Loki itself. Let’s see if MCU’s magic comes any closer to the standard of the comics.

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