• BooksMarvel's Magic School

    Marvel’s Magic School Makes Hogwarts Seem Like A School For Babies

    Marvel’s Magic School: The world of Sorcery has come too far along in the Marvel comics. We can’t say the same for the MCU just yet, but the Sorcerers’ world that could be compared to the Marvel Universe is Harry Potter. It is 10 films old, and we do know a lot about it. In fact, the Fantastic Beasts franchise…

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  • MoviesWorst Things Happened at Hogwarts

    10 Worst Things That Ever Happened at Hogwarts

    Worst Things Happened at Hogwarts: It is true that Hogwarts is the most magical place and the dream school we all wish we could have attended but that doesn’t mean that it has no flaws. As much as we love Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, there are some things that have happened there that we are not proud of.…

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  • MoviesBest Quidditch Players Hogwarts

    10 Best Quidditch Players of Hogwarts

    Quidditch is the most famous sport in the wizarding world and we were introduced with it in Harry’s first year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter became the youngest ever seeker at Hogwarts and that is when his journey in this sport started. We might think Harry is the best Quidditch player in the books, but the truth is that he is…

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  • MoviesHarry Potter Universe Hogwarts

    Harry Potter Universe – Here’s How Disgusting Hogwarts Was Before Bathrooms

    Harry Potter: Since 2001, people have been in on board the magical hype train, and they are still not done with the franchise as WB has brought it back into the mainstream through Fantastic Beasts. This mystical world written by JK Rowling has inspired a dignified fan base for so long. The books, the movies, and the merchandise have all…

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  • Movies

    Hogwarts is Back in ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ And We Are Here For it

    We have waited long enough for the next Fantastic Beasts movie and finally the wait is almost over as the next installment hits the theatres this November. You must have checked out the trailer by now and must be formulating your own theories as to what happens in this one and how much action, drama and magic do we actually…

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  • News

    10 Rules That Hogwarts Students Must Follow  

    We have always imagined what it would be like to study at Hogwarts instead of the normal schools we all went to but there are things about Hogwarts that you should know in case you get your acceptance letter soon. These are some of the strict rules that the students at Hogwarts need to follow and take care of because…

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  • News

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Four Founders of Hogwarts

    The Harry Potter series has been one of the best stories and franchises of the past few decades and is definitely a series that will never end because the Potterheads are loyal to the boy wizard and the world of wizardry. There are some characters that are so intriguing but not much is known about them. The four founders of…

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