10 Best Quidditch Players of Hogwarts

Quidditch is the most famous sport in the wizarding world and we were introduced with it in Harry’s first year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter became the youngest ever seeker at Hogwarts and that is when his journey in this sport started. We might think Harry is the best Quidditch player in the books, but the truth is that he is not even the best player at Hogwarts. The sport is played in the entire wizarding world and is loved by many people. These are some of the best Quidditch players of Hogwarts:

 10. Cho Chang:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

In the books, we get introduced to Cho as the seeker of the Ravenclaw team and Harry plays a match against her. She was one of the strongest players in her team and the first choice as a seeker every time. Harry considered her a strong rival to his own abilities. She was a fine player and a difficult rival to beat for Harry in their matches with Ravenclaw.

 9. Katie Bell:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

The youngest member of the Gryffindor team before Harry joined was Katie who was one of the three chasers on the team and an integral part. Katie was a determined player and gave some remarkable performances in her quidditch career. She also recovered after being cursed by Malfoy in the sixth book and made it back to the team.

 8. Ron Weasley:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Ron and Ginny started their Quidditch career later than most but proved to be good players. Ron got his chance in the 6th year when Harry was the captain of the team. After the Confundus charm by Hermione and fake liquid luck trick by Harry, Ron actually gave some outstanding performances and helped Gryffindor in winning the quidditch cup.

 7. Harry Potter:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Harry was the youngest seeker to have ever made to a Hogwarts team which shows that he was naturally talented and skilled at the sport and Gryffindor won many games because of his performance. Harry was not only a child prodigy but also proved to be a good team captain in the 6th book. He became the driving force for his team on many occasions and won many matches.

 6. Charlie Weasley:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Another Weasley who had a great talent at quidditch was Charlie who was said to be so good at the game that he could have played the game professionally if he didn’t develop an interest in dragons. Unfortunately, we never get to see him play as he graduated much before Harry came to Hogwarts. Charlie was a seeker and was great at his job.

 5. Fred and George Weasley:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

When it came to beaters, Gryffindor’s own Weasley twins had no match and were great at their job. They were playing for Gryffindor much before Harry got the chance. The twins had some great moves on the field and proved useful on many occasions. The year that Harry and the twins got banned from the team was a difficult one for the Gryffindor team.

 4. Cedric Diggory:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Unlike the movies, we meet Cedric in the third book as the captain of the Hufflepuff quidditch team. Harry plays against him before the dementors come and sabotage the game and Gryffindor loses. Cedric being a chivalrous Hufflepuff offers a rematch after that. He was an athletic as well as an academic prodigy. Being a seeker he was an exact rival to Harry and was definitely a tough competition.

 3. Angelina Johnson:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

One of the strongest players in the Gryffindor quidditch team is Angelina Johnson who was part of the original Gryffindor team when Harry first joined. She is a core member and was named the captain after Oliver Wood left school. She had to lead her team through a difficult time when three of the main members were banned from playing in the fifth year but she excelled at her job.

 2. Ginny Weasley:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Ginny was a brilliant athlete and in the fifth book when Harry was banned from playing Quidditch, it was Ginny who took his place and proved to be a worthy replacement. The Weasleys have been good at Quidditch and Ginny took the legacy of her family to another level when she played professional Quidditch with the Holyhead Harpies. She played as a seeker and a chaser and was good at both positions.

 1. Oliver Wood:

Best Quidditch Players Hogwarts

Wood was the captain as well as the keeper of the Gryffindor team and probably the most passionate about the sport. Oliver wood introduced Harry to the sport and always appreciated his talent. Wood himself excelled at the game and was a strong leader. Gryffindor also won the Quidditch cup under his leadership which shows how good of a player and captain he was.

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