How No Way Home Sets Up Several Symbiote Team Ups For MCU

No Way Home came out just yesterday and it has already made major waves in the story of the MCU. Things have heated up and it almost feels like this movie was meant to explode after all that anticipation. Interestingly that is exactly what is happening in the movie. We got all these storylines that saw their culmination in the movie that we completely forgot about our lethal protector. However, the first credit scene in No Way Home sets up several Symbiote team-ups. Let’s discuss this down below.

Beware of *Spoilers* for No Way Home

The movie started like we all expected, with Mysterio revealing the identity of Spider-Man to the entire world. Tom Holland lost his cool, as one would expect, and things quickly went south. A lot of people focused on all the negatives about the media publicity and quickly labeled Spider-Man a menace who killed Mysterio. All of this disheartened the poor kid and broke his resolve. This led to him approaching Dr. Strange for a spell that would make everyone forget that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.


Dr. Strange could not do such a spell but he did one which would make everyone forget who Peter Parker was in the first place. Interestingly, this theme carried over to the finale of the film which was quite surprising in itself. But the problem was that Peter wanted everyone who remembered he was Spider-Man to still remember that he was Spider-Man. This created problems, as people from other universes were also pulled into the mix now. Normally, this won’t create problems but with the timelines being freed everything went rampant.


No Way Home Sets Up Symbiote Team-Ups

So Tom Holland sacrifice his personal connections to save reality. In the final moments of the film, the hero asked Strange to erase him from everyone’s mind, knowing full well what that would entail. Although we will miss the old Avenger Peter Parker, we think this would allow the hero to come into his own in the future. Also with the cliffhanger in the first credits scene, we think there are some interesting things that are bound to happen.


We meet Eddie Brock in the mid-credits scene as he is interrogating a bartender about the MCU. He is almost done with the conversation when he is sent back to his own universe by Dr. Strange. But the most interesting part is that some part of the symbiote is left behind by him on the bar table. It is expected that this part of the symbiote will now meet up with Spider-Man in New York and we will finally get an MCU venom. Perhaps, we can also get an MCU black Spider-Man.

All The Team-ups


The symbiote suit has always been one of the most interesting character arcs in the Spider-Man story. It would be a shame to waste such an arc and not use it in the MCU. Maybe it will give the heroes another chance to meet Spider-Man and get to know Peter Parker again. We wonder what kind of tricks this symbiote will get to. Maybe the MCU will get its own version of Carnage and Riot. Won’t it be fun to have a multiverse movie just about the symbiotes?

It is also likely that we will see the black symbiote, Venom himself teaming up with other characters in the MCU. Once Eddie of this universe joins the cast, all kinds of Future Team-ups are possible. For instance, how fun would it be to pair the lethal protector with Captain Marvel. Or perhaps we may also get to see Deadpool and Venom team up in an Anti-hero movie. Imagine if Spider-Man’s future movies had both Deadpool and Venom. My head will explode. With a part of the symbiote in the MCU, there is no limit to the possibilities.


The Possibilities

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The presence of otherworldly visitors has completely altered the MCU. With the advent of the second post-credits scene of No Way Home, which also served as the trailer for Multiverse of Madness we come to realize that everything has its cost. The more dangerous the spell the higher is the chance of it backfiring. By looking at how reality fractured in the given trailer it seems that Strange is going to have his hands full in the coming story arc.


Moreover, there is a very good chance that Wanda will honestly help Strange rather than focusing on reclaiming her children. We just hope that the MCU doesn’t take too long to introduce Venom into the storyline. For one, the symbiote is already here and it should attach itself to Peter very soon if it wants to power up. Secondly, we are still to meet Eddie Brock of this universe. We are ready for what you have to throw at us Marvel, BRING IT.


Other than Peter Parker, the symbiote could maybe latch on to some other superpowered beings as well since the MCU is full of them. If Sony were to allow it, then we could literally have a Venom-Pool in the MCU, or perhaps a Venom-Rine. Captain Marvel-Venom and several other combos could also come into play. I’d let you guys suggest some other Symbiote crossovers in the comments below.

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