New Moon Knight Clip Is Scary As Hell

After watching the official trailer and clips, we knew that Moon Knight was going to be scary. However, we didn’t know just how scary until recently. The new Moon Knight clip released by Marvel reveals one of, what I am sure will be the first of many, the jump scares. Keep up with the post to find out more!

Disney+ Moon Knight is the next miniseries, based in the MCU, that will be streaming on the platform. The series follows a war veteran(Steve Grant) with a serious case of dissociative identity disorder. Grant struggles to keep up with all of his identities, while he continues to practice vigilantism at night under the influence of the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu. The MCU developers have been boasting about how they didn’t try to hold back for younger audiences and went as dark as they could. And they recently gave us a glimpse proving that they weren’t joking around.



The new clip, released on the YouTube channel for Marvel Entertainment, features some serious jump scares. It starts with Oscar Isaac’s Stev Grant in an elevator at the end of a dimly-lit corridor. He is quite scared as we see him panting as he starts to hallucinate a manifestation of the Moon God. This might be the time when the Moon God, Khonshu, starts haunting him. But is it a hallucination or is it all real?!


Check out for yourself in the video below:

The clip radiates the fear that Steve Grant experiences every time he opens his eyes. We can see how scared he is when he thinks the Egyptian deity is right in front of him. It may have turned out to be just an old lady, which is a horror movie cliché, but this was just the first part of the video. When the lady exits the elevator, Grant takes a sigh of relief and almost steps out of the elevator, and that is when he realizes that his nightmare was not over. He turns his head at looks at this, the clearest look of the Moon God.


New Moon Knight Clip

With Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it is clear that MCU is not afraid to venture into unknown territories. But before the latter, Moon Knight will be toying with its viewers’ emotions with its jump scares. Moon Knight is one of the most important characters in Phase 4, and after seeing this new clip, we are certain that Marvel will not be failing now. Plus, with The Batman’s Riddler gaining worldwide fame, this might be the right time for Marvel to drop Moon Knight. We already know that Moon Knight is Marvel’s answer to Batman, so the comparison of their villains is inevitable. As for me, the Riddler was not nearly as scary as Khonshu.


Moon Knight will be streaming on Disney+ from March 30, 2022.

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