Why Tony Stark Was Always Seen Eating In MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes a big thanks to Robert Downey Jr. He created one of the most iconic film franchises by adopting the role of Iron Man. His characterization of Tony Stark was beyond our wildest imaginations. Everyone remembers their first viewing of Iron Man, and they also remember how it felt watching the character grow. For the most part, this was because of all the heart that Robert put into the character. One small snippet of this is Tony’s eating habits. Read on to find out why Tony Stark was always seen eating in the MCU.

RDJ has an incredibly busy schedule so he had the habit of sneaking food onto the set. He was always eating in between takes. Somehow, this habit of his also bled into his character of Tony Stark. The billionaire, philanthropist, playboy is constantly on the move so it is obvious that he would want to keep himself fed during this time. Every time we see Iron Man he is doing something, there is not one scene in the MCU where the character is just idling. That is the secret behind the engagement that the character has.


Why Tony Stark Was Always Seen Eating

It is an acting technique that even Brad Pitt employs in his roles. Things like eating, writing, fiddling with gizmos make the character seem incredibly busy. The in-universe explanation of this is Tony’s incredibly swamped schedule. He has a billion-dollar corporation to run after he is done saving the world. It is exhausting what he does but only he can do it, that is the most amazing part. RDJ does his absolute best to emulate that charisma. So when a synergy like eating food in a scene clicked, no director questioned it.


Why Tony Stark was always eating

We should not question it either, rather we should praise this great performance by RDJ. It seems that whatever he did work out brilliantly for everyone involved. What do you think of this acting technique? Do you find it fascinating? Let us know in the comments down below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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