10 Important Timelines of The Marvel Universe Every Fan Must Know

Timelines of The Marvel Universe:

Marvel Comics is one of the longest-running superhero publishers. Over the years it has published thousands of comics featuring different superheroes and storylines. To retain its top position, it has ensured delivering a wide variety of adventures, expanding to multiple realities. It means that various universes are running parallel in Marvel with different storylines. However, among hundreds of these realities, only a few are widely recognized by the fans. Here are the top 10 realities and universes in the Marvel Universe.

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 1. Earth-9810

Timelines of The Marvel Universe

The What If….? series is one of the most engaging issues by Marvel. This one focuses on Tony Stark and the world of Doctor Strange. It featured a Future Stark who was passionate about mystic arts and magic instead of science and thus became the Sorcerer Supreme.

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 2. Earth- 3488

The inhabitants on this Earth are the Ultimate Avengers that includes Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, Thor, and Hulk. It is a representation of the Avengers in modern times. The story and the characters are simplified and pretty straightforward.

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 3. Earth-199999

Avengers: Endgame

In the multiverse of Marvel, the most popular one is Earth-199999 that belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). MCU has been producing blockbuster movies with some even entering the Billion dollar club. It started in 2008 with Iron Man who was later joined by Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, etc. It started with the creation of the six Infinity Stones, followed by Kree landing on Earth, the formation of SHIELD, Malekith’s war against Asgard, the rise of Captain America, the threat from Tesseract, and in the end, the ultimate battle against Thanos from wiping out the population.

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 4. Earth- 1287

Timelines of The Marvel Universe
Timelines of The Marvel Universe

The comic book series Strikeforce: Morituri occurs on this Earth. In this series, an alien invasion leaves no choice for the inhabitants of Earth but join the Morituri Strikeforce. This will put the soldiers under an experiment called the Morituri Process that generates them superpowers. However, those who undergo this process and gain powers are bound to bound within a year.

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 5. Earth 555326

This Earth aims at a younger audience. All the adventures of this universe are captured in the animated version Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. After getting killed by Ultron, the mantle of the mighty heroes of Earth is passed on to their children.

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 6. Earth- 18119

The issue of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is based on Earth- 18119. This reality was helmed by Doctor Doom. In this reality, Spider-Man and Mary Jane get married and give birth to a daughter named Annie.

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 7. Earth-8096

Timelines of The Marvel Universe
Timelines of The Marvel Universe

Most of the Marvel superhero known to fans exist on this Earth. We have the Avengers, Wolverine, and X-Men in the same universe for the younger audience. It is linked to the future of Days of Future Past.

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 8. Earth-616

Earth- 616, as you know, is the primary universe of Marvel where most of the storylines take place. This is the original universe of the superheroes and the continuity that we mostly referred to. It consists of most of our realities including the historical events and the countries but also features its imagined places and entities like Wakanda and S.H.I.E.L.D.

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 9. Earth-3490

This storyline featured the Fantastic Four who happens to be the first family of Marvel. It appeared in the issue, Dark Reign: Fantastic Four. One of Reed’s experiments forces Sue, Ben, and Johnny into a time where they end up in a Hyborian-age Civil War. But the Iron Woman, Natasha Stark prevented the Civil War by marrying Captain America.

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 10. Earth-9230

In this version of the What If….? series, Thor’s clone that was created by Tony Stark goes berserk and ends up killing Giant-Man aka Bill Foster. To seek vengeance for his uncle, Foster’s nephew kills Iron Man.

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Some honorable alternate timelines are as follows-

Earth- 1218

Timelines of The Marvel Universe
Timelines of The Marvel Universe

If you are watching any Marvel movie or comic book, you must know that even you are a part of the Marvel multiverse. Our reality exists on Earth- 1218 in the Marvel Universe.

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Earth- 58163

This universe is strongly linked to the WandaVision that is awaited on Disney +. It features the House of M where the Scarlet Witch creates her own reality where she leads a happy family with 2 children.

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Earth- 2301

This Earth inhabits all the Marvel characters who are reimagined in the Japanese Manga-like style.

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This reality is based on What If? Civil War where everything happens exactly in the same fashion as we saw in the movie Captain America: Civil War, but without Tony Stark who dies from the Extremus Virus.

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Earth- 982

Timelines of The Marvel Universe
Timelines of The Marvel Universe

This reality features What If…? where Mary Jane and Spider-Man had their daughter, Spider-Girl in the future.

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