10 Popular Marvel Characters Who Debuted In Other Hero’s Series

Marvel Characters Who Debuted Other Hero’s Series:

In several instances, over the years Marvel has used a particular storyline of a hero to launch an influential character in the Marvel Comic Universe. The character launched is equally as influential as the hero himself as many times the character serves as support as another hero fighting evil or the antagonist of the Hero’s narrative. The use of one character storyline to help launch the other character has been in practice for a long time, which saves on a lot of investment that is needed with the launch of the comic book entirely dedicated to that character, especially with the copyright laws in place. But by including the character in an already listed copyright version of the comics, writers were free to explore different characters and their setup in the Marvel Comic Universe.


James Gunn Final Guardians of The Galaxy Easter Egg

Technically Ego already had made a debut in the preceding issue, but Ego the Living Planet was completely introduced to the comic fans in the issue of ‘The Mighty Thor #133’ in October 1966. In the issue, the thunder god is hired by the Colonizers of Rigel to Ego, who was consuming other planets to sustain itself. Thor can manifest a great lightning storm forcing Ego to retreat to the Black galaxy at least for the time being.

Adam Warlock

Facts About Adam Warlock

He was first introduced as ‘Him’ in the Fantastic Four #66 & 67 which was released in September and October 1967. In this issue a group of evil scientists called the Enclave to create a being called ‘Him’, but because of the bright light emanating from his body are unable to approach him. They then recruit Alicia Masters (Thing’s blind girlfriend) to approach him and to carve the perfect form of the being.


In Iron Fist #14’ released on 14th August 1977, sabretooth was shown as a serial killer and a recurring foe to Iron Fist. Unlike the other characters in the Marvel Comic Universe who do not undergo many changes, Sabretooth has undergone major changes through his storyline. In 1986 he was introduced as a member of Mr. Sinister’s mutant assassin group and later on after splitting up with the group moved on to become Wolverine’s archnemesis and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


Captain America Falcon MCU

Known for being the first African-American superhero in the Marvel Comic Universe, Sam Wilson also known as Falcon was first introduced in ‘Captain America #117’ in September 1969. In the primary storyline, Sam was introduced as a resident of Harlem who had adopted and trained a Red Falcon named ‘Red Wing’.


Avengers: Endgame Thanos Tony Stark

Thanos made his first dramatic appearance in ‘The Invincible Iron Man #55’ issue written by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich. In the issue, Tony receives a telepathic message from Drax – The destroyer, who is imprisoned on Titan which said: “Beware of the blood brothers”. The message is not received by Tony in time and finds himself being knocked unconscious and taken to the planet of Titan. It is this where Thanos first makes an appearance in the Marvel Comic Universe while announcing himself as the Supreme leader of Titan and Earth.


Mystique initially started as an antagonist in the ‘Ms. Marvel #16’ in May 1978, who surfaced as an unnamed shapeshifter who was spying on Carol Danvers. She then had a complete issue dedicated to her in the issues 17 & 18 launched in the July of 1968, where she tried infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D, to extract any information about Avengers.


The colossal being made his first appearance in ‘The Fantastic Four #48-50’ released from March to May of 1966. Galactus makes his appearance towards the end of issue #48 claiming to the people of earth about his intentions to devourer earth.

Silver Surfer

Superheroes Who Got Major Power Upgrades

It was not only Galactus who featured in the ‘Fantastic Four #48’, it was also his reluctant herald Silver Surfer who had come along for a ride. The issue starts with the Surfer’s introduction as he surfed across the Andromeda Galaxy, while a bunch of Skrulls looked on in horror as they knew what horror was to follow this reaper of death. The issue finally sees the surfer signaling his master from the top of the Baxter Building.

The Punisher

February 1974s, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man #129’ sees the debut of The Punisher, who works as an antagonist to take down the web-slinger for the speculated murder of Norman Osborn.


The heartthrob of the X-Men narrative made his entrance by stabbing and going up against the hulk at the end of the issue ‘The Incredible Hulk #180’ in October 1974 before making a complete appearance in the succeeding issue #181.

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