10 Greatest God Weapons in Marvel Comics – Ranked

God Weapons in Marvel Comics:

The Universe of Marvel Comics is full of fantastic weapons, many of them wielded by literal Gods. Some of these weapons are so powerful that they stand a class apart. They are weapons of ultimate destruction.

 10. Hercules’ Adamantine Mace

Forged by Hephaestus – the Olympian Black Smith God of Weapons, Hercules’ Adamantine Mace has the same level of durability as Thor’s Mjolnir. It has no special abilities other than the fact that it is extremely durable and can inflict a lot of damage on impact with the enemy. The weapon is itself made out of divine metals and forged out of magic so it can also be useful in redirecting any energy thrown at Hercules. The Mace was designed to withstand Hercules’ tremendous levels of strength. While it does not have any other unique powers, it is still a formidable weapon based on its durability alone.

 9. Jarnbjorn

The Jarnbjorn is the legendary Axe Weapon wielded by Thor in Norse Mythology. Jarnbjorn, in Marvel Comics, was Thor’s original weapon of choice back in the early days before he started wielding Mjolnir. The ax was made out of Uru and was blessed with Thor’s blood. As a result, it was strong enough to kill a Celestial. Thor started using the hammer after the events of Original Sin left him unworthy of wielding Mjolnir. Jarnbjorn is known for its incredible levels of sharpness. The weapon will never become blunt and like Mjolnir, has the power to return back to its owner. It was recently featured extensively in Marvel Comics during the Unworthy Thor run.

 8. Mjolnir

Whoever holds this hammer, shall wield the Power of Thor. To do that, he or she needs to be worthy of the weapon. Mjolnir was forged by the Dwarf Smiths of Asgard who forged the weapon out of pure Uru in the heart of a dying star. Mjolnir has a magical enchantment that makes it almost unbreakable and sentient. Thor uses Mjolnir in the comic books to fly, summon powerful storms, and formidable lighting. He can also use it to open portals and travel in space. Mjolnir has the power to crack open a planet in two. The weapon is powered by a portion of the potent Odin Force and contains within it the full power of the Universe’s first and greatest cosmic storm.

 7. Odin Sword

Mjolnir is definitely a strong weapon. But it is far from being the strongest Asgardian weapon. That honor goes to the Odin Sword, the All-Father’s signature weapon. It is claimed that the Odin-Sword is so powerful that if one unsheathes it, the entire cosmos will be at risk. Odin once donned the Destroyer Armour with the Odin Sword in hand and fought the Celestials to a standstill. The Sword is also powerful enough to defeat the Mangog, the doom of Asgard. Odin only entrusts this weapon with Thor. He once shrunk the weapon so that it could be wielded by Thor against the Serpent, the Asgardian God of Fear in the Fear Itself story arc.

 6. Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

God Weapons in Marvel Comics

The Octessence is a group of Eight Gods who have lived and breathed ever since the Universe began. They once had an argument to see who is the strongest of them all. So they created a wager. Each God from the Octessence will pour a fraction of their energy into a totem or talisman which will be then sent to Earth. The humans will come into contact with these totems and be turned into their Avatars. Cyttorak, one of the Gods from the group, created the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. While it looks like a normal gem, it holds a fraction of primordial power that predates that of the universe. Cain Marko touched the Gem and became the Juggernaut. Once Cain Marko gains momentum, no force in the universe can stop him. He also has the strength to rival that of the Hulk.

 5. Eye of Agamotto

One of the Original Gods of Magic named Oshtur once came to Earth and witnessed a blind child. The sight of a kid who does not know the concept of colors and will never be able to see the beauty of this world brought tears to her eyes. That tear fell on Earth and spawned the God of Sorcerers – Agamotto. Agamotto helped form the Vishanti with Oshtur and her son Hoggoth. His greatest asset was the Eye of Agamotto, a tine necklace that has the power to see and manipulate primordial magic. Doctor Strange can use the weapon to deflect any form of magic and keep him-self immune to mental manipulation. It can also control time, open portals to other dimensions, and teleport Doctor Strange to as far as the very end of creation. The Eye of Agamotto also has a mind of its own and will not respond to the commands of an evil being.

 4. All-Black the Necro Sword

God Weapons in Marvel Comics

The All-Black is a sword that draws its powers from Knull, God of the Symbiotes, and Master of the Void that existed before creation. Gorr, once a lowly runt, came across two gods fighting to the death in a desert. One God died and his weapon bounded itself to Gorr. The other God was then killed by Gorr with the same weapon. And as a result of slaying two Gods, the weapon was bestowed with mysterious abilities. Gorr became Gorr the God-Butcher and made it his life mission to kill all the Gods that ever were, are, and will be. The Necro Sword can kill any being, regardless of the being’s status as a mortal or immortal. It was used by Odin to kill Galactus. It has to keep drawing Godly blood to remain at its peak of strength otherwise it will run out of juice and end up corrupting its wielder.

 3. The Destroyer Armour

The Destroyer Armour is made out of the same Uru alloy that makes up Mjolnir. Many do not know this but the Destroyer was not created by the Norse Gods. It was created after all the Sky Fathers of the Three Strongest Pantheons of Gods on Earth – Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu combined their powers and knowhow into making a weapon that is powerful enough to take on any threat that endangers the planet. The Gods knew that one day there will come a time when they would need the Destroyer and hence it would always stand on guard in Asgard, waiting for its moment to shine. The Destroyer Armour has the power to summon incredible energy blasts, has a strength that far out-classes any Asgardian God, and can be augmented by weapons or more energy to become even more powerful. The Destroyer Armour’s infamy was enough to drive Galactus, the Cosmic Devourer away out of sheer fear.

 2. The Darkhold

God Weapons in Marvel Comics

The Darkhold is not essentially a weapon but rather a handbook to Armageddon. It contains all the knowledge and power of the Elder God Chthon. Chthon is the closest thing Marvel Comics has to an official Love-Crafting kind of demonic entity hailing from an alternate dimension. He is the brother of Gods like Set, Oshtur, and Gaea. Chthon is the first true master of the Dark Occult Magical Arts. He documented all that he learned within a book called the Darkhold before leaving for an alternate dimension that he now calls home. The Darkhold is basically responsible for a majority of the woes that the Avengers face on a daily basis. The Darkhold’s versatility means that anyone can use it regardless of the user’s mystical acumen. Like Doctor Strange’s Book of Vishanti, the Darkhold gives its readers immeasurable power but it comes at a cost – it corrupts the minds of whoever reads it.

1. Heart of the Universe

The Heart of the Universe was created by the most powerful entity in the Marvel Universe to correct a fundamental flaw that existed within creation. The Heart of the Universe holds a power that far exceeds that of the One Above All and the Fulcrum. It was used by an alternate reality Thanos who grabbed hold of its power and recreated the Universe after rectifying the flaw. Not originally intended to be a weapon, it was once used by a powerful race of Aliens called the Celestial Order to conquer the cradle of creation.

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