MCU: Doctor Strange Is The Smartest Marvel Hero

Doctor Strange: The Smartest Marvel Hero

The debate over who is the strongest Marvel Superhero will go on forever. But this article we are going ponder over the Marvel with most brains. While some will vote for Tony Stark aka Iron Man for his genius innovations, others will go for Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange.  Though we love Tony and Bruce, we have to be on team Doctor Strange on this one. Find out why!

Outsmarting Lucian

When Lucian, the martial arts pro, Astral Projected himself in the hospital to kill Strange, what seemed was an impossible task to defeat Lucian as he was way stronger. Being fully aware of Lucian’s advantage overpowers, Strange then used brains instead of strength by asking Christine to hit his body with defibrillators that atomized Lucian.

Trapping Loki

Even the strongest of Avengers failed to outsmart the God of Mischief, Loki, except for Doctor Strange. Loki looked merely no less than a magician in front of the wizard who trapped him in an infinite space where he kept falling into an endless chasm.

Bargain With Dormammu

Major MCU Villain

Dormamu was an immortal inter-dimensional Marvel villain with devastating powers. We can’t even begin to wonder how the Avengers would have defeated him. He was no doubt more powerful than Doctor Strange as well. But nothing is impossible for Doctor Strange as long as he has his brains. Strange trapped himself and Dormammu in an endless time loop where Dormammu kept killing him over and over again. Finally tired and bored of winning and getting satisfied, Dormammu dropped the war and left Earth and Strange.

Defeating Kaecilius

Doctor Strange: The Smartest Marvel Hero

Doctor Strange’s strongest weapon isn’t magic but his quick on feet thinking. Once again the wizard’s smartness won over strength. Kaecilius was more powerful than Lucian and there was no way for Strange to defeat him given his lack of experience. Knowing he couldn’t win over Kaecilius in this battle, Strange manipulated his dark magic against the evil itself.

Maneuvering The Endgame

Strange traveled through 14,000,605 possible outcomes of the war in a blink of an eye.  Getting the grasp of all those wars and their respective outcomes and comprehending them is a challenging and time-taking task. But Doctor Strange not only watched them but also devised a plan for Endgame within those few moments and risked staying dusted for 5 years. Needless to mention, his plan and the fate of the Earth depended on a rat.

Getting The Army On Time

Doctor Strange: The Smartest Marvel Hero

After Hulk’s reverse snap that revived everyone from the “blip”, Strange wasted no time in gathering the whole army from intergalactic regions and briefing them about the plan. Despite not getting in contact and receiving updates about the new war with Thanos from the team, Strange managed to be on time and was also accurate with the portals. Had he gone wrong at all, Thanos would have won the war again and probably killed the remaining Avengers, too.

Skillful With Portals

Strange is wise with his spells and has, therefore, learned more defensive ones than casting them for lethal use. It took him an unfathomable number of days to master Portal’s spells and make the best of them in Endgame.

Learned About The Time Stone

Doctor Strange: The Smartest Marvel Hero

Instead of leaving no moment to take advantage of the infinity stone or fit it on an android like the Avengers, Strange made genuine efforts on soaking insights about the Time Stone in-depth like how to wield it and also its benefits and possible harmful impacts.

Good Use Of His Photographic Memory

MCU Phase 5 Marvel The X-Men

Though Strange went through a lot of struggles for days to become a wizard, he still completed his lessons and learned most of the spells like a pro in a shorter span of time, unlike his wizard colleagues. That is exactly what also made him a successful doctor. His photographic memory helps him in storing accurate information from the most complex to the most minor detail.

Proficient With Astral Projection

Doctor Strange: The Smartest Marvel Hero

Strange’s sincerity and determination as a human and a wizard in every project made him the master of his field. He opted to study even while his body was on rest, unlike any ordinary person. Instead of learning magic spells that could make him invincible, Doctor Strange went for astral projection first to be able to study without compromising on his body rest.

Doctor Strange is an embodiment of wisdom, intelligence, and power.

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