10 MCU Rules Broken by Marvel Actors That Would Shock You

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors:

With great power comes great responsibilities, especially when you are a superhero for Marvel Studios. Marvel leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that its scripts and plot are safe from getting leaked and also in preventing major spoilers or bad publicity. While they could hide human errors through digitalization and special effects, there are some errors that the studios could stop. Find out how MCU stars broke major Marvel rules that could have gotten them fired.

 1. Mark Ruffalo’s Live Stream

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

After spending millions of dollars on making a movie, leaking its footage out on the internet for free would be the last thing that Marvel would want. Ruffalo was lucky not to get fired for this huge goof up. On the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, Mark interacted with his fans on live chat as a publicity stunt. But it backfired as he forgot to turn it off after entering the theatre and accidentally broadcasted the first 15 minutes of the film.

 2. Filming Behind The Scenes

Marvel Studios follows a strict “no behind the scenes/bloopers filming” and “no mobile phones” policy. But actors Chris Pratt & Elizabeth Olsen sneakily broke both of them by taking videos of the shoot directly from sets and sharing it online.

 3. Reading Between The Lines

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

We know to what extent Marvel can go in order to conceal the true plot. Giving out fake scripts to its actors to keep the original one safe is the most common practice. MCU tried to play the same trick on Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch but Mr. Sherlock Holmes managed to get his hands on the real one and continued to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

 4. Drax The Spoiler

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

By the end of Infinity War, we witnessed how most of the superheroes including the Guardians Of The Galaxy team turned into dust post-Thanos’ snap. The movie ended on a cliffhanger and fans couldn’t wait to learn what happened in the following part, Endgame. But Dave Bautista rained all over Marvel’s sowed seeds by slipping out confidential details. He mentioned in an interview that he and his teammates would return for the final battle, thus taking half of the Endgame thunder in advance.

 5. Revealing The Final Battle

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Another offender of the “No Spoilers” rule was Winter Soldier actor, Sebastian Stan, who dropped a massive ball of spoilers while talking about the ultimate battle of the Endgame. The return of the superheroes that vanished in the Infinity War was supposed to be one of the biggest question marks and suspense of Avengers: Endgame. But Stan’s mentioning Spider-Man & Drax while discussing the film gave it off. Similarly, he also slipped his tongue on Michelle Pfeiffer before Ant-Man And The Wasp had even released.

 6. Tom Holland’s Announcement

Spider-Man: Homeless – Far From Home

Imagine Spider-Man announcing that he is still alive before the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. On the first screening of the movie, Holland went on the stage to shout that he was “still” alive. He did so before fans had even seen the movie so it wasn’t a brain scratcher for anyone to foresee that Spider-Man dies in the end. The second time when he again spilled the beans was by stating about the 3rd installment of Spider-Man. Normally, these announcements are made by Marvel during Comic-Con.

 7. Ruffalo Giving Spoilers For Infinity War

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Mark is seriously lucky that he still has his MCU job safe with him. There is a reason why he is infamous for giving out spoilers. He again wrecked the Marvel game by accidentally revealing how everyone dies in Infinity War during an interview.

 8. Pepper Potts In Armor Suit

Pepper Potts isn’t an Avenger so her entrance in armor suit in Avengers: Endgame should have taken us by surprise. But that trick failed as Gwyneth Paltrow had already posted a picture of herself in the suit on Instagram thus spilling all the spoilers. She had even mentioned Morgan Stark indirectly in an interview before Endgame.

 9. War-Machine Controversy

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Terrance Howard was the War Machine in Iron Man 1 and was even paid more than Robert Downy Jr. But the success of the film put RDJ under the spotlight and upped his value in the studios that decided to increase fees. This meant a cut in salary for Howard. After his fall out with Marvel and on getting replaced, he blamed Robert Downey Jr. for taking half of his paycheck. This gave negative publicity to MCU that it always tries to dodge.

 10. Christopher Eccleston

MCU Rules Broken By Marvel Actors

Eccleston was cast as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World who claimed to have a terrible time with the studios so much so that he went on bad-mouthing it. According to him, Marvel Studios lied to him about the number hours required at work and for starters, it took him 8 hours for the makeover, alone.

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