10 Amazing Actors Who Can Make Any Movie A Mega Blockbuster

There are good actors and then there are great actors, but there are certain actors who may not be legends but they have the ability to make anything work. They have a Midas touch which turns everything into gold. Here’re ten such people.

Sean Connery:

The name is enough I guess. He has been the most iconic actor to have ever walked onto Earth. His presence is electrifying and style immaculate. He can make anything look elegant.

Tom Cruise:

He is still the poster boy of mainstream Hollywood. People all over the world still flock to theaters to watch him beat the bad guys and do death-defying stunts.

Idris Elba:

He has a towering personality which is intoxicating. He can play manly characters like Heimdall as well as historical icons like Nelson Mandela.

Amy Adams:

She is gorgeous, charming and very talented. Her recent movie “Arrival” showcased her prowess as an actor. She is pretty consistent in terms of box-office success too.

Jeff Goldblum:

He is the guy who inserted a virus into the mother shield of aliens and saved the world. He is extremely likable and has a very pleasing personality.

Robert Downey Jr:

He is the “King of Good Times”, if he is in the movie, it will set the cash registers ringing. The studios are willing to spend insane sums of money to have him.

Johnny Depp:

He is known for playing outlandish characters, particularly in Tim Burton movies. A good director can extract the best out of him and he can deliver the goods.

Kate Winslet:

She is the most respectable and revered actress of this era. She is extremely versatile and has done roles across genres with panache.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

He has all the makings of a modern legend. He is a method actor who goes into the skin of the role and touches the heartstrings of the audience.

Brad Pitt:

actorsHe is the style icon and a dependable star. His hard work and dedication to the role are commendable.

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