Thor Once Threatened Earth Much More Than Any Marvel Villain

Thor Once Threatened Earth:

Thor has fought for Midgard more times than you can count (if we consider the comics, the animated shows and the MCU). He is possibly the strongest and the most regarded amongst the Avengers, and Earth has been his top priority (sometimes even more than Asgard). No one can even imagine Thor to be the one to turn against Earth. But apparently, he once terrorized Earth more than any Marvel villain would have ever done it.

Loki Mjolnir Thor: Love And Thunder

It is obvious that in his right mind, Thor wouldn’t really do that. So, it had to be through Mind Control or an event where he was corrupted. In the comic issue – Journey Into Mystery #94, Loki causes a chain of events which turns Thor against the planet he loves so much, and would give his life to protect.

Before we look at what happened, let’s give you a bit of backstory. Thor and Loki had already fought each other in the past, which led to Thor imprisoning Loki on Asgard. Even tied up in chains, Loki managed to change the course of a nuclear warhead. So, Thor is called upon by the US government as they hope that Thor could disarm the warhead and save Earth from a catastrophe. Thor comes in and does what you think he’d do. He throws his hammer at the warhead mid-air. Loki with his powers is somehow able to watch Thor trying to stop the missile. Mjolnir hits the warhead and explodes, but the hammer bounces back and hits Thor in the head.

This is one of the hardest hits Thor has taken, and thus he becomes delusional. The next thing he sees when he opens his eyes is Loki tied up with chains on Asgard. So he flies back to his home world and has a change of heart. He immediately frees Loki. Odin opposes Thor but in his head, he is still loyal to his brother. Once freed, Loki asks Odin to let him & Thor rule over Asgard. Odin obviously denies it. So, Loki threatens Odin that if his demands weren’t fulfilled, he & Thor will go to Earth and wreck the whole planet. When Odin still doesn’t budge, Thor & Loki flee towards Earth using Mjolnir and begin wreaking havoc. Thor causes a series of Storms and lethal Earthquakes which end up taking a lot of human lives and destroying many national monuments.

The people of Earth got to see Thor at his worst. He used to be a God who has fought against the likes of Thanos, Apocalypse & Hyperion to prevent the people of Earth. But now, the tables had been turned. Along with Thor’s thunder strikes, Loki began to use massive monsters through his illusions to threaten people and instill fear in them. When things began to go out of control, the members of the U.N. intervene and try to reason with the Princes of Asgard. Their desire is to speak to Odin on behalf of the brothers. So, when Loki and Thor arrive at the U.N. to discuss their terms, a hatch opens and Thor falls into a pit. Gravity does its job and Thor’s hammer hits him on his head once again. It causes his delusions to end. After this, it is revealed that the members of the U.N. are actually Odin and the other leaders of Asgard who were in disguise the entire time. All of them gang up on Loki and Thor does the right thing by capturing his brother once again.

The master illusionist lost at his own game. The people of Earth were glad that Thor’s threatening stint was short. Otherwise, he has the power to wipe out the entire planet, and no one could possibly stop him if it comes to that. Let’s see if we’d ever get to see an evil Thor at some point of time in the MCU.

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