Meet Cold Iron Armour – Iron Man’s Deadliest Suit With Legendary Levels of Firepower

Cold Iron Armour Iron Man’s Deadliest Suit:

There aren’t enough words to describe the technological miracle that is the Iron Man suit. Considered to be Tony Stark’s greatest creation, it took all of his genius and brilliance to come up with the design and the tech needed to perfect this superweapon. Over the years, Tony Stark has made hundreds of different kinds of powered suits of armor. But there is this one suit that many would not be familiar with. Tony Stark created his most intense suit of Iron Man armor with weaponry that packs enough punch to level a whole country. And he made it for not invading a nation but for another entirely different purpose – killing Dark Elves!

The Cold Iron Armour is very unique. It was created not to fight the Hulk or bust Galactus or even Thor. It was made to fight a very particular enemy. The cold Iron Armour was designed to take on the powerful and nefarious Dark Magician and Sorcerer Malekith, Lord and King of the Dark Elves, a sinister race in the Asgardian Mythology that is hell-bent on ushering the universe into an eternity of darkness and chaos. But there is a lot of other reason why this armor is so distinctive and unique in particular.

Cold Iron Armour Iron Man’s Deadliest Suit

There was once a time when Malekith and Iron Man crossed paths and for all the wrong reasons. Malekith is typically a Thor super villain but once he managed to gain a few Mandarin Rings. Those Makluan Rings are made up of alien technology that grants the user control over several aspects of time, space and the universe. Iron Man knew that Malekith could not be trusted with that level of power and so he undertook a stealth mission into Dark Elf territory. He was discovered and went on the run, the captains of the Dark Elf Lord in pursuit. Malekith gave each of his captains chasing down Tony Stark a Makluan Ring to help defeat Iron Man. But Tony Stark too came prepared. He had a very powerful suit of armor at his disposal just for this situation.

Cold Iron Armour Iron Man’s Deadliest Suit

Tony Stark knew that he had to come up with something big to fight toe to toe against the Dark Elves. With the help of Dark Angel – a tech and magic expert, he signed the Cold Iron armor. While his name is Iron Man, most of Tony Stark’s suits are not actually made up of iron. They are made up of alloys that are a hundred times stronger and more durable. But the Cold Iron armor is actually made up of Iron. The reason being that Iron is lethal to Dark Elves! Pure Iron, when touched by the species, makes their bodies experience extreme pain and agony. When the Dark Elf captains thought that they had the upper hand, with the Cold Iron armor’s lethality and firepower, he totally turns the tables for that battle.

Cold Iron Armour Iron Man’s Deadliest Suit

The Cold Iron Man armor comes loaded with quick launch iron fillings and huge Iron claws on both the gauntlets. It has a shoulder-mounted harpoon that is fully automated. The entire armor is armed to the teeth with multiple numbers of ways to kill dark elves. This is one truly METAL suit of armor that has enough firepower to defeat a race that once gave the Kingdom of Asgard a run for their money. Imagine if Tony Stark was present in Thor: The Dark World wearing the Cold Iron Armour. The outcome of that battle would have been completely different.

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