10 Anime Super Powers Marvel Superheroes Could Only Wish They Had

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers:

The world of anime has given us many amazing characters that come with even more amazing superpowers. The only other industry where superpowers are commonplace is the comic book industry. Marvel Comics, one of the behemoths in the field has many superheroes with amazing abilities. But none of them possess the superpowers that some of our entries on this list seem to have. A pure travesty is what it is that our favorite superheroes’ powers are no match for these anime legends!!

 1. Full-Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Alchemy

The law of Alchemy is based on the Principle of Equivalent Exchange. In order to gain something, you have to lose something. The power of Alchemy is based partly on science and partly on magic. The power to harness energy allows an Alchemist to perform incredible feats like conjure weapons out of thin air and destroy an entire building with only a touch of his hand. It also allows a person to achieve immortality.

Alchemy is the most relatable superpower on this list because there actually used to be real-life alchemist in the world a few centuries ago. Alchemy, in the FMAB universe, can even be used to bring back people from the dead.

 2. One punch Man: Infinite Strength

No matter how strong a superhero is in the Marvel Universe, they always have a ceiling when it comes to strength. To have a superhero that is all-powerful and all-mighty is just counter-productive if you are writing a comic book storyline. There need to be odds at stake so the Superhero needs to have some limitations. That is not the case with Saitama, the One Punch Man. His power is just what it sounds like.

One Punch Man is so strong that he can defeat any enemy, no matter how powerful, with literally just one punch. Nobody knows how he got stronger (although One Punch Man says he did a thousand push-ups every day to get where he got their XD). The ability to have limitless strength is something that the superheroes of Marvel will be really jealous of.

 3. Kagune – Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul introduced us to the amazing world of the Ghouls and their battle against impending extinction at the hands of humanity. The Ghouls are fairly outnumbered but they do possess amazing abilities like rock hard skin and superhuman physical attributes. One of the Ghoul’s most impressive powers is the Kagune.

In a Ghoul, there exists a cache of special cells called the Rc Cells. These cells can, on command, pierce out of the back of a Ghoul and turn into liquid muscles. They are fluid and soft like water but can harden them-selves to achieve durability stronger than steel. The only way to counter a Kagune is another Kagune and no other man-made substance has been found to be durable enough to resist a Kagune Strike. They also give its user special abilities.

 4. Sharingan: Naruto

The Sharingan is an ability of the Gods. Literally speaking, it is the ability bestowed by the Sage of the Six Paths (the Ninja God that created the Earth and the Moon) to Indra, who got the power of the divine vision from his father. The Sharingan is exclusive to people belonging to the Uchiha Clan because it is only their blood that can activate it.

The power of the Sharingan is immense and limitless. Its applications are enormous on the battlefield. Apart from creating life-like illusions, the Sharingan can even create armor called the Susanoo that is unbreakable, a fire called the Amaterasu that can never be doused and could be used to mind control people. It is also able to manipulate space and time. In one instance, it even granted a user the ability to return from the dead called the Izanagi.

 5. Geass: Code Geass

The ability known as the Geass is one that revolves around the concept of mind over matter. It has no power to affect the physical world. And yet it is an enviable ability. The user of Geass can be used to change the mental boundaries of their opponents. Any element ranging from mind control, telepathy to memory alteration d perception changing can be done with the help of the abilities granted by the Geass.

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

There are several levels of Geass and too much of its use can drive a person mad. Lelouch’s Geass could be used to control other individuals but he cannot mind control each person more than once. Mao’s Geass allows him to read people’s thoughts while Charles’ Geass can alter people’s memories and seal the powers of other Geass users.

 6. Death Note: Death Note

Anime Banned in Countries For Ridiculous Reasons

The Death Note is the ultimate weapon of the massacre. Whoever holds the Death Note is literally the God of Death. Therefore it is a closely guarded secret amongst the many Shinigami – the Japanese Death Gods. What if a mortal gets access to the Death Note and could use it however he or she uses. That is the exact plot of Death Note. The seemingly harmless diary has the power to kill any person once his name is written on it.

Even the time and the way in which the person has to die can be specified. The Death Note is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. It can kill anyone, even a God and this is an ability, not even the strongest of Marvel Superheroes possess.

 7. The Coordinate: Attack on Titan

Anime Banned in Countries For Ridiculous Reasons

Attack on Titan revealed to us the incredible world of the Titans and the island nation of Eldia located in Paradis Island, the last territory of the Eldian people. The Eldians were once the rulers of the entire known lands of the world and were the dominant superpower but their greed later turned them into tyrants and they were later dispatched by the people of Marley and the other smaller nations banding together.

The Eldian people had the power to turn into huge hulking monsters with amazing healing powers called Titans. The Ruler of the Titans was called the Founding Titan and that person could control not only the normal Titans but also the Colossal Titans that towered even the highest of mountains. The Founding Titan did so by using an ability called the Coordinate that can also give the user the ability to alter memories.

 8. Stand: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

In Jojo’s world, a Stand is the manifestation of all the life force of a person that he can muster up. This stand can be used for defensive and offensive purposes depending on the alignment of the owner. Stands are generally capable of tasks that cannot be humanly possible. They can bend bullets and rip apart steel.

Stands are figures generally found hovering above their owners and are telepathically connected to them, acting on their neural commands with the owners not requiring verbal communication with them for these Stands to function. Stands have different abilities. Some are able to stop time while some have grater close-quarter combat powers.  It is a double-edged sword. Sometimes using a Stand can actually be detrimental to the owner’s health.

 9. Alien Weapon Unit – Inuyashiki

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

In the story of Inuyashiki, two seemingly unknown individuals – one a genius high school student while the other a man going through a midlife crisis, are killed after an alien ship crash lands on an open field. Since the aliens had very little time to heal the casualties, they decide to use anything they had on-board to remake their bodies.

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

In the end, both these people were made out of weapons-grade technology that is far more advanced than anything humanity might ever be able to come up within the near future. They become living terminators. The Alien Weapon Unit tech gives them the ability to stay immortal, have amazing firepower, the power of flight and superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes.

 10. Ultimate Vampire – Hellsing

In the Hellsing Universe, the world is ravaged by vampires and the only organization that could stop them from taking over the planet is the Hellsing Organization. The Vampires in this world have incredible superhuman abilities. They are a hundred times faster, stronger and more agile than the average human being. They can drain other humans of their blood and kill them or infect them to become new Vampires.

Marvel Superheroes Wish Anime Super Powers

But even in the species of blood-sucking fiends, there exists a hierarchy of power. At the top of that pyramid is the Ultimate Vampire Class. Vampire Gods like Alucard and Walter C. Dornez are the result of years of research that has made them even stronger and a legendary figure within vampires. They are way faster, can shapeshift, and even use hypnosis on their enemies. The mantle of the Ultimate Vampire belongs only to people who have managed to earn it.

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