5 Real Reasons Why You Should Read “REAL” Books

We are 24×7 stuck to our Smartphone and laptop screens and now we are so addicted to those images floating inside our screens that our hangout plans have been replaced by Skype calls, our conversations have been replaced by WhatsApp messenger and our real books whose pages once used to flip between our fingers have been replaced by e-books.
Today, more and more people own e-books. Whether it is preparing for exams or downloading an e-book for daily reading, the digital world has changed it all!

It is easier to say that “Turning pages is old-fashioned; this is the world of digitization”, but there are certain things that we don’t realize but Science does!

Here are 5 reasons why you should still enjoy the faded scent of pages of books and feel those pages tickling and slipping between your fingers!

Increases Intelligence and Brain Power

Books take you to a whole new world of knowledge. As you jump from one page to another, you dive into the world which increases your vocabulary, knowledge and also the ability to see things with a different perception. As you are exposed to more and more different things and perceptions, you tend to understand things better.

It is said that children learn 50% more words
when exposed to books
than learning from TV shows or by talking to school or college friends.

1Reading to kids increases their intelligence, source:

Not only does reading help you improve your reading skills but also your brain power. Regular reading helps keep the mind sharper for a longer period of time even while you are at the decline of age. It is a great workout for the brain.

2Reading is a good workout for our brain, source:

Makes us more empathetic

Reading about people’s emotions allows us to understand people better. This impact is found to be more significant in those people who read fictions. They understand the complex nature of relationships by reading about people’s mental states.

Flipping pages help to remember better

When you read a real book you are more likely to remember things than when you read an e-book. The feeling of pages falling between your fingers sends a message to the brain which helps in the deeper understanding of any topic.

3Flipping pages help to remember more, source:

Reading helps you relax

At the end of the day when you cuddle on your favorite couch reading your book, you tend to loosen yourself and this, in turn, relaxes your brain. Reading works as a serious stress buster as you escape into author’s world leaving behind the tension and stress.

Science says: Reading can reduce stress up to 68%

Reading helps you sleep better

Getting into a regime like reading a book before you sleep is much better than watching TV or reading through e-book which hurts your eyes and tends to keep to awake for more time. When you read a book before you sleep, it signals your brain to wind up and relax, thus, putting you in a mode of good sleep.


Reading helps you sleep better, Source:’

Like Neil Gaiman quoted it beautifully,

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

Books wait for you forever, whether you dump them, pack them in a card box or place them on your bookshelves, they will always wait for you to come back and read them again! They truly are your best friends!! They are so powerful that their words have the power to change you!

Wish you all a “Happy Real Book Reading” 🙂

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