10 Most Powerful Avengers Members of The Ultimates Universe – Ranked

The Ultimates Universe came into existence within the Marvel Lore during the early 2000 era. When fans began to state their displeasure over the similar story arcs taking a foothold within the comic books and the storylines itself becoming too monotonous to read, Marvel completely changed the game by publishing their Ultimates line of comic book arcs. This universe was different from the mainstream universe in the fact that it did not have an Avengers team to protect the planet. Instead, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were a group of vigilantes called the Ultimates. The Ultimates were made up of the same heroes that make up the traditional Avengers line up. But their origin stories and their powers were very different. Sometimes, having a different origin story meant that their powers were also very different. And in those cases, that made them several times stronger than the Originals. Presenting – 10 Most Powerful Avengers Members of the Ultimates Universe – Ranked!

 10. Nick Fury

Avengers The Ultimates

We start off the list with the only character that does not have any super powers or skills and yet is still one of the most valuable members of the Avengers. Nick Fury is the very definition of a person who uses information to his advantage. At any given point of time, Nick Fury has access to information that some people could only dream of. It was him who set out to form the Ultimates. There were already a lot of superheroes roaming around in the world. But Nick Fury had the accurate data to simplify and identify which person is the most suited to be a part of the initiative. There will always be superheroes but there can only be one Nick Fury. ALWAYS!!

 9. Quicksilver

Avengers The Ultimates

Quicksilver is one character that we wanted to develop further in the Ultimates Universe. The guy known as Pietro Maximoff is a beast in the mainstream reality. He can run at superhuman speeds and has had tremendous character development. But in the Ultimates Universe, his character underwent primitive digression. In a quest to make Pietro’s character more complex, they only made him a darker version of himself. Pietro Maximoff of the Ultimates Universe will always be remembered for his sexual relationship he shared with his sister, Wanda Maximoff. Incest is not what he had in mind when Marvel brought in one of the most powerful sibling duos in the world.

 8. Hawkeye

Avengers The Ultimates

Born a murderer and been a killer all his life – That is the story of the Ultimates Universe version of Hawkeye in a nutshell. The Clint Barton we know and love is a jolly fellow who tries to do the right thing and is sometimes the glue that keeps the Avengers stuck together. The Clint Barton of the Ultimates Universe is unlike anything the version we know. He is a dark character filled with murderous rage. He is not above using violent, sometimes even inhuman tactics like torture to get what he wants. His intentions might be pure but his methods are a bit too extreme. As part of the Ultimates, what Clint adds as value to the team is not just skill but also a huge experience.

 7. Wasp

Avengers The Ultimates

The Wasp, in the Ultimates, is a bad ass version of the Janet Pym you are familiar with. The original Janet Pym had trouble adjusting to the role. In the Ultimates Universe, she had endured a lot of pain and agony even before she was incorporated into the Ultimates. She was a mutant with the ability to shrink her size and had the ability to fire blasts of energy from her wrists. Her husband, Hank Pym, regularly abused her and used her as a guinea pig for his own demented experiments to give himself superpowers. Janet Pym overcame the domestic violence her husband cursed her with on a daily basis. She was not only physically more powerful but also mentally strong. She was also more proficient in her abilities.

 6. Giant Man

Avengers The Ultimates

We wanted him to be way above in this list. But Giant Man aka Hank Pym is probably the very definition of a wasted talent. In the Mainstream Marvel Reality, Hank Pym is a celebrated scientist whose contributions to the scientific world are so huge that it could take all day to count them out. Same is the case with the Ultimates Universe version. But what differentiates the former from the latter is that the latter is involved in a lot of activities that make him sound more like a criminal and a twisted soul. He regularly beats his wife and does experiments on her for his own gain. He is also responsible for a lot of other stuff that we would not like to mention her. His unpredictability is the reason even his own teammates do not trust him.

 5. Captain America

Avengers The UltimatesNo matter which universe you g to, the only thing that never tends to change is Captain America and the love he holds for his ideals and values. The Ultimates universe version of Captain America can be considered a bit darker but that never stops him from doing the right thing. He has the Super Soldier Serum running in his veins just like the mainstream version’s body has. There was a time though when Captain America became the United States President, the most powerful position on Planet Earth. And he executed his duties flawlessly. No many could boast of such a feat.

 4. Captain Britain

Avengers The Ultimates

Captain Britain was one of the latter additions to the team. When Brian Braddock restarted the Excalibur class Super Soldier Program, a project that intended to place a super soldier for each nation within the European Union, Jaime Braddock became the new Captain Britain. Nick Fury, realizing the value of Jaime as a superhero, offered him a position in the Ultimates, after Jaime was seen fighting the City, an underworld group of super villains that wanted to destroy the European Super Soldiers. Captain Britain does not have the Super Soldier Serum but what he does have is the ability to warp reality to his liking.

 3. Spider-Man

Avengers The Ultimates

No we are not talking about Peter Parker this time. The Ultimates Universe version of Spider-Man’s real identity is Miles Morales – an African American teenager. After Peter Parker’s death in that universe, Miles Morales was exposed to the same process that gave Peter his powers (courtesy of his uncle – the Prowler) and he soon developed spider like powers. Miles also has the additional ability to generate a ray of bio-electric sting called the Venom Sting and cane even turn invisible for some time.

 2. Iron Man

Avengers The Ultimates

Antonio Stark was still in his mother’s womb when she was exposed to a viral agent that she and her team of scientists had been working on. The virus did not affect her but gave Antonio Stark a gift and a curse. His entire body was covered in neural tissue, meaning his whole body functions as a giant brain. The flipside of that is – he is in constant pain and the amount is a hundred times more than what an average person feels. His incredibly advanced intellect combined with the wealth of resources and socio-politically influential connections he has through his mega corporation, Iron Man is a force to be reckoned with.

 1. Thor

Avengers The UltimatesThe Ultimates Universe version of Thor looks just like the MCU version. But the origin story is a bit different. Thor is a big time political activist and writes on national level events in the comic books. He keeps claiming that he is actually a Norse God who was cast out of Asgard but nobody believes him. As a superhero, Thor uses a highly advanced belt that helps him mimic the powers of the God of Thunder. Later, it is revealed that he is indeed the son of Odin and an actual God when the All-Father restores his powers and status, making him worthy again. The fact that Thor is at the top of the list is simple – even without his powers, Thor was still able to stay at the top of his game. Now with his powers back on track, every villain would think twice before crossing his path.

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