DC Comics Just Revealed Batman is Superman’s Father

Batman is Superman’s Father:

As far as plot twists go, we think DC Comics has it going pretty good. The fact that they could keep the readers engaged each time with the same characters just by tweaking the storyline a bit is just commendable. DC Comics knows how to get the fans’ attention. And this time, they have really taken things up a notch. Batman and Superman are supposed to be the best of friends. They represent the two sides of the superhero coin – One is gifted with Godhood while the other achieved it through sheer willpower and skills. Many fans of DC Comics have long argued over who would win in an actual battle between the two heroes. DC Comics is not going to give us an answer to that question but they have revealed one major twist in the nature of the relationship between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Presenting – DC Comics just revealed Batman is Superman’s Father!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Batman: Last Knight on Earth. If you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away…..

Batman is Superman’s Father

Batman: Last Knight on Earth revealed to us how mass hysteria is a weapon potent enough to kill superheroes if used the right way. Lex Luthor leads a mass defamation campaign against all superheroes and it manages to succeed beyond his wildest imaginations. The entire human population turns on the very people who had sworn to protect them. They tear into the homes and lairs of masked vigilantes and kill them in a global mob mentality phenomenon unprecedented in human history. Batman wakes up in the future to a world where living is equal to surviving. No superhero is safe and Batman is left with no allies as even the good guys are scared to come out of their caves.

The Batman we are talking about is not actually the original Batman. The one true Bruce Wayne, realizing that the world will always need a Batman, had created a cloning device that would use his DNA to create a Bruce Wayne clone that could act as the new Batman if something happens to the original version. The Clone Bruce Wayne is now the sole heir to the Wayne fortune and the Batman mantle. And in Batman: Last Knight on Earth #3, he becomes more than just Batman. He becomes the father of the new Superman.

Batman is Superman’s Father

When the villain Omega reveals his true identity, everyone is taken by surprise. Omega is actually the true Bruce Wayne, the one everyone believed had died. Omega had gotten his hands on the Anti-Life Equation, which he was using to keep Gotham City under his control. His plan was to boost the signal of the Anti-Life Equation using a powerful transmitter array and bring the entire world under his command. His objective was to use the Anti-Life Equation to save humanity from another bout of mass hysteria like the one that killed the superheroes in the past, which could potentially destroy the entire planet.

After defeating Omega and freeing Gotham, Batman re-joins with the Bat-Family who again vow to protect Gotham in the coming years from people like Omega. But Batman is not done. He quickly marks an X on the ground as people look up into the sky. A Kryptonian rocket soon arrives through a portal and from that ship, Batman salvages a living baby Kal-El, the soon to be Superman of the future Earth.

Facts About Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor had understood the error of his ways after the population of Earth killed Superman, the first event that led to the chain of reactions that led to the Last Knight on Earth timeline. He had then started working on a project to bring back Superman to Earth. Using wormhole technology, Luthor wanted to bring back a Baby Kal-El from another point in space and time and train him to become the new Superman. Luthor died before he could succeed in that but Batman saw through the project and the world finally has a new Superman.

Superman Batman Arrowverse

But how will Batman, a person who is known to be an entity that strikes abject fear in the hearts of men, train Baby Superman to be the world’s ray of hope?? Even with Joker and Wonder Woman as his newfound allies, Batman’s going to have his hands full on this one.

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