Top 10 Cleverly Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

There can be several reasons as to when a deleted scene does not make it through the final cut. One of the many reasons is often the need for making these movies PG-13 compliable. Other reasons may include the removal of scenes that might even be disturbing for some adults, let alone kids. No matter the reasons some deleted sense from the fan-favorite movies may just be deleted to avoid cramping up of too many plots in the movie. These cuts once seen after the original movie make a lot of sense and justifies why the producers decided to remove these scenes from the original cut. Here is a list of movies that were deleted from comic book movies.

Griffin’s Death in Judge Dredd

Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies
Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

The death of Judge Griffin at the hands of the war robot Asunder is kind of gruesome. The deleted part of the scene however rates this movie R. But according to the screenwriter Steven E. De Souza, the film was sent to the censor board more than 4 times and each movie got rated X. Until they made several cuts in the movie.

Bane’s Backstory

A major part of Bane’s history was covered in the ‘Dark Knight rises’. But there were many additional deleted scenes from the movies which showed the kind of damage that bane had suffered not just to his mouth, but also to his body. There are several other deleted scenes from the movie that kind of unfolds the relationship between Bane and Talia Al’Ghul.

Natasha flirts back with Tony

In a deleted scene from Iron Man 2, Natasha Romanoff is seen reciprocating the flirtatious advances made by Tony. The scene however would have led to a more complicated storyline as Natasha Later finds a friend in Mark Ruffalo and Tony in Gwyneth Paltrow.

Simmons burns for a long time

In the movie ‘Spawn’ one particular scene had to be removed as it became uncomfortable even for the producers. As the clip entailed Al Simmons burning for a long time while screaming and howling in pain. The scene becomes extremely excruciating even for the producers and thus does not make it to the final cut.

Wolverine & Storm

Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies
Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

In the days of the future past, Wolverine and Storm have a scene deleted from the original cut. The scene is about them realizing their futures getting altered and them sealing their hints of affection towards each other with a kiss.

Loki in Age of Ultron

In Thor’s enigmatic pool scene, he was supposed to get a dream about Loki in Asgard masquerading as Odin. This wouldn’t have necessarily ruined Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it could have threatened a scene in Thor: Ragnarök. If this scene had been included in the film, it would mean Thor would have known Odin wasn’t Odin upon his return to Asgard and we would have been robbed of Anthony Hopkin’s delightfully hammy Loki-as-Odin performance.

Quicksilver resuscitates

In the movie Age of Ultron Joss Whedon come us with a contingency plan for Quicksilver. He shot a scene where Quicksilver rejoins the Avengers after getting riddled with bullet holes from the Quinn jet and his bodily quickly healing itself back to recovery because of his ability to go fast. But, this cut never made the end because the directors wanted the audience to believe that the threat the heroes face is real in the MCU and also it would not have set up a good plot for the WandaVision series.

Peter’s father returns

In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, whilst peter grieved the loss of Gwen Stacy, peter’s father is seen making his entry to give him a pep talk on the whole “With great power….” thing. But towards the end, the directors decided not to include this scene as it would corrode the movie with multiple plots and end up confusing the audience.

Norman Osborn’s head

Norman Osborn made a brief appearance in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ before dying off-screen. Sony was planning on his return, which is why a deleted scene displaying Norman Osborn’s severed head in a cryogenic state was to be shown in the post-credits scenes of the movie. Eventually promising a return of the long-awaited Sinister Six.

Pearl’s diet

Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies
Deleted Scenes From Comic Book Movies

The obese vampire in the Blade movie, whom the vampire hunter roasts up using UV lights got so obese by eating children. A deleted scene from the movie showed the skeletons of small kids scattered around his den when Blade enters. But the scene never made the final cut, as it seemed to blow the narrative too far out of proportion.

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