8 Other Characters Who Could Be Mutants in MCU After Ms. Marvel

The big reveal of MCU’s mutants came in Ms. Marvel. When Bruno first brought up how Kamala’s powers came from within her, we presume that she could be a mutant in the MCU. But then Najma revealed how Kamala is supposed to be a Clandestine, or perhaps a Djinn. So, Ms. Marvel deviated from the Inhumans and told us she’s actually a human-Djinn hybrid. But now, it has taken a turn in an entirely different direction because, as it turns out, Ms. Marvel is officially the first Mutant on MCU’s Earth-616. But we believe there are other pre-existing characters who could be Mutants in MCU.

Bruno found something odd in her genes that weren’t there in her mother or her brother. He called it a mutation. We don’t know how this mutation was triggered, but it was probably because of the Kree bangle she wore. If you look at the core definition of mutation – It is the changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, which is caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes.


So there are two ways you could see this. Only the Clandestines, aka the Djinn, could go through these Mutations (Then maybe all the future mutants could turn out to be Clandestines). Or the way the MCU has teased mutation, many existing MCU characters could also be labeled mutants. The following characters could be retconned into mutants. But that doesn’t mean that all of them will be mutants.


But here’s our list for everyone who could be labeled as a mutant after Ms. Marvel:

Super Soldiers

Yes, our very own Captain America and the Red Skull could have been the first real mutants that showed up on the screen. Then, the Winter Soldiers could have followed along with Isaiah Bradley, the Red Guardian, the Flagsmashers, and US Agent. I say this because all these people were enhanced with the Super Soldier Serum, which could have mutated their genes. So, they could all be called Mutants in the MCU.


Captain Marvel

Carol got her powers after she was exposed to the blast of a Light-Speed Engine which was powered by the Tesseract. And later, she got a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg. So a fusion of all these elements gave her powers. But it is quite possible that her condition could also be called a mutation. After all, the Tesseract energy from that Light-Speed Engine could have altered her genes, resulting in a unique X-gene.


Scarlet Witch & Pietro

Characters Who Could Be Mutants in MCU

We presumed that Wanda and Pietro might be termed as Mutants in WandaVision. But that didn’t happen in the series called Wanda the Scarlet Witch of the Darkhold. Still, her powers were fully unlocked by the Mind Stone, and the same happened with Pietro. Just like Kamala Khan is a human-Djinn Hybrid but also a mutant, Wanda could be a Human Witch mutant. Exposure to the Mind Stone could have caused a mutation that created the X-Gene.


Janet Van Dyne

Since mutation is just the change in the structure of a gene, maybe the genes of Jannet Van Dyne could have been altered by being exposed to the Quantum Realm. She had a few healing powers when she returned from the Quantum Realm. So, she could be yet another mutant in the MCU.


Ava Starr was also exposed to a Quantum accident that gave her the ability to become intangible & generate extreme amounts of power. So, the accidents she had been in could have altered or rearranged her genes and chromosomes, and it could have created a new X-Gene within her. So once again, Ghost can be one of the characters who could be Mutants in MCU.


Monica Rambeau

She went through Wanda’s Hex barrier three times. First, it happened when the Hex pulled her in. Then Wanda kicked her out of the barrier. After that, she attempted to go in herself. So, the third time worked like a charm as her DNA was completely changed by then. Since Ms. Marvel is already a mutant and Captain Marvel could be retconned into one herself, why should Monica Rambeau stay behind? All 3 of them could be labeled as Mutants. In fact, they could start the first team of mutants in the MCU. They could bring other mutants like Rogue in The Marvels.


Gamma Mutants

Bruce Banner was exposed to crazy amounts of Gamma energy which changed his physiology completely. Emil Blonsky was already enhanced by the Super Soldier serum. So he could already be called a mutant even without his Abomination form. The Leader could be labeled as a Mutant, and now with the arrival of She-Hulk, even she could be called one.


All this means that everyone exposed to anything that could have changed their DNA could be a mutant in the MCU. I know a lot of fans will be angry if any of these existing characters get retconned into being mutants. But Ms. Marvel’s reveal as a mutant came out of nowhere. And it proved that literally, anything could happen in the MCU. So why not all these enhanced individuals be turned into mutants as well? The classification between humans and mutants would become so simple, don’t you think? And the Sokovia Accords could just be renamed the mutant registration act.


Let us know your thoughts on the other characters who could be mutants in MCU in the comments.

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