Did Jeremy Renner Just Tease His Black Widow Cameo?

Hawkeye from the last decade has been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a sidekick to the lead or the second starring character. Hawkeye’s depiction of being the secondary starring character is going to change with Phase 4 as Renner is set to star in a Disney+ Hawkeye series in which he’s being accompanied by Kate Bishop. After months of unpredictability, the show finally has begun with production recently and we will get to see Hailee Steinfeld as the new face of MCU’s Hawkeye character. With Hawkeye inclining so vigorously on Fraction’s 2015 issued 22nd comic, it isn’t too astounding to even consider seeing this improvement for the lead character Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. To explain the use of a hearing aid Marvel Studios could keep somewhat of a relatable story, but on the other hand, it’s conceivable that the story will be refreshed to fit the MCU. Regardless, the expansion of this piece of Barton’s character will satisfy many. His hearing misfortune has become a major piece of Hawkeye’s story in the funnies because of Fraction’s simply laid Issue 22nd considering it was loved by the audience.

Jeremy Renner Tease Black Widow Cameo

We all know the bond that Clint (Hawkeye) and Natasha (Black Widow) share. More so, we saw the emotional moment between them when Natasha succeeds to sacrifice herself for the Soul Stone, a loss that Clint could never forget. We also saw how sadly Dr. Banner (Hulk) reacts after losing her love interest, Natasha. Even though the relationship was never official, but it was literally there on the screen, as she was the only one who could calm down Hulk from going into a rampage. Now we know that Florence Pugh will be making an appearance in Renner’s upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series. The actor posted a shot of himself reading what appears to be lined in a sound booth, looking down at his phone screen and teasing something special…all while wearing a Black Widow movie promotional hat from 2019’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Early on, Hawkeye and Black Widow were established as characters with a long history together, and since it appears as though Black Widow will delve into aspects of Natasha’s origin story, it stands to reason that Clint Barton will at least be referenced. On his Instagram Story, Renner posted a photo of himself behind a voice-over microphone, saying “Recording a very special Story today. More to come…” It may be reading a lot into the hat to think it’s any kind of confirmation that he will appear in the film, but anything is definitely possible. It’s also worth noting that while you might argue it’s unlikely he would be doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for a movie that is supposed to be completed by now, the capitalization of the S in “Story” could suggest he is filming something of ran the upcoming Instagram promotional campaign, which could well be for Black Widow. yet another theory is that he will be there “in spirit,” with his fighting style copied by Taskmaster, a villain who can memorize and duplicate the combat styles of opponents.

Jeremy Renner Tease Black Widow Cameo

Disney+ Hawkeye series, set in 2025, we might even get to see the real cause of Clint Barton’s hearing problem, as we see him wearing a hearing aid and has been depicted exactly the same in the comics. After talking about retirement, and then again in action, a series of events are sure to unfold and the backstory will be really strong. We can guess that a lot of our other favorite superheroes will be mentioned every now and then. Seeing Clint Barton partnering up with Kate Bishop and going on an adventure in New York City will be all way exciting. The time gap between Avengers: Endgame and Disney+ Hawkeye series will tell us more about the character’s development, maybe diving even deeper into Clint’s personal life and losses. If so, then we can expect a full-blown out emphasis on Clint’s past, maybe even before he joined the Avengers and if that happens, we’ll get to see how Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, becomes what he is today – Hawkeye. Disney+ will be giving a lot of emphasis on Hawkeye’s origin which is honestly really exciting.

Black Widow Movie Logo

Disney has set Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings for theatrical release on July 7 and Eternals on November 5. Black Widow was supposed to release on May 7, but recent reports have claimed that the movie will be delayed again.

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