WandaVision: What’s Next For White Vision after the Finale?


WandaVision episode 9 finally spilled the beans. However, there are still some questions left to be answered. The series finale is no less than mesmerizing. The color tone, and the storyline, everything fit in perfectly. Marvel is known to leave its projects on a serious cliffhanger. WandaVision was no exception. The show set up a bunch of new characters. But it left some questions out in the open.

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Let’s address the elephant in the room. Where is White Vision? We see him take off and leave Westview. This was followed after the Hex Vision helped him tap into his memories. They were embedded deep in his codes. But the moment White Vision realized who he was, he was not a killing machine anymore. Even without the Mind Stone, White Vision gained some sense of consciousness.

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Wanda created the ‘Hex Reality’ and tied her family members to the spell (magic). This implied that Vision, Tommy, and Billy could not survive outside the Hex. During her battle with Agatha, Wanda realized that she has to serve a higher purpose. Whatever she had created was only hanging by a thread. Hex Vision made her understand that she had to let go of the Hex, and save the people in Westview. Wanda, being the hero she is, made the ultimate sacrifice. WandaVision episode 9 officially introduced Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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When White Vision’s memories are being restored, it’s as if the Vision created by Wanda passes over his experiences, feelings, In terms of appearance, White Vision should be able to alter his design at will, meaning the traditional beetroot paint job could come back into fashion. Whether Vision will share the same personality and characteristics as his counterpart, however, is far more complicated. and characteristics of the new body. If there was any doubt, White Vision’s “I am Vision” line confirms that Paul Bettany’s time in the MCU is very far from over.

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White Vision has all the memories of his predecessor, and exists within the same physical shell, more or less. Inevitably, the character’s return will trigger a philosophical discussion over what defines a person. WandaVison finale based the interaction between Hex Vision and White Vision on a theory. It ouches upon this dilemma with the Ship of Theseus analogy, but the answer won’t become clear until Vision and Wanda eventually reunite. If Vision’s feelings for Wanda have returned along with his memories, then the Avenger has effectively cheated death once again. But if he can’t recreate the love Scarlet Witch shared with the original Vision, this iteration has to be considered an entirely new character.

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The new Vision’s power level also might’ve changed compared to the pre-Thanos years. White Vision has the beating of his opponent in Westview but was merely battling a facsimile created by Wanda – not the full-power Vision who fought alongside the Avengers. The WandaVision fight suggests that Vision is still powerful – made of vibranium, able to shoot lasers, fly and phase through matter – but he isn’t fueled by an Infinity Stone. It seems clear that Vision will return in the MCU, but where that happens isn’t quite so obvious. Wanda is due to feature in Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness. Maybe we’ll get to see White Vision too?

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