How Hulk Defeated Superman’s Strongest Enemy Doomsday With Just a Single Punch

Hulk Defeated Doomsday:

When it comes to pure brute strength, we believe that the only superhero that comes to our minds first and foremost is the Incredible Hulk. The Jade Giant is an avatar of sheer muscles. He is a walking, talking sentient Armageddon powered by gamma energy. He is un-killable, invincible, impenetrable, and unstoppable. Many have tried and failed to stop the Hulk in his tracks. Almost all of them have failed to do so. No one in the Marvel Universe has the guts to challenge the Hulk to a one on one wrestling match. But what about the DC Universe! Can Superman, DC’s strongest brawn, defeat the green goliath? There have been a lot of debates and discussions on who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk. Well, this article finally settles it.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

There have been numerous crossovers between Marvel and DC Comics. And in each such event where the DC and Marvel superheroes have crossed paths, one fight that surely takes place every time is the fight between the Man of Steel and the Gamma King. Each superhero represents the best of their classes in their respective universes and for years fans have quarreled amongst themselves as to who is stronger of the two and become the victor in a one on one duel.

Batman V Superman Doomsday

Superman was thought to be an absolute God who is untouchable and immortal until The Death of Superman story arc shakes the entire DC Universe. Superman faced his greatest adversary of all time. His doom came in the form of an otherworldly beast rightfully named Doomsday. Doomsday was just as un-killable and invincible as Superman and every time Superman managed to push him back, Doomsday would return stronger than ever. Up until now, Doomsday remains the first-ever villain who did not just beat Superman to a pulp but also kill him, which is how the big guy got famous in the first place.

Many do not know this but the Hulk has also faced Doomsday in battle. It was in the Incredible Hulk #413 where the Hulk and Doomsday met in battle. Doomsday was able to beat Superman but when facing the Hulk, he got knocked out by just one of his punches. The issue is written and illustrated by Cam Smith, Gary Frank, and Peter David is a rare feat for the Marvel Universe and is more or less a milestone event for the comic book world for more reasons than one.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

The entire issue starts with an interstellar event called the Troyjan War. The inter-galactic conflict involved a lot of outer space factions coming dangerously close to a skirmish. The Hulk was brought in to end the fight. During this time, the Hulk was in his Professor Hulk form. The Troyjan War required the Hulk to train hard. The Pantheon, an organization of vigilante hell-bent on keeping and protecting peace and harmony throughout the universe, but one of their own members along with the Hulk in a holographic projection training center that looked pretty much similar to the Danger Room that the X-Men use to train themselves. While fighting several such virtual foes, the Hulk faces a villain that looks eerily similar to the one we saw force Superman run away with his tail tugged between his legs in the DC Universe.

Yes, we are talking about Doomsday. But he is not shown in all his glory in the panel. Most of his body remains out of frame but some of his distinct external physical features are revealed which help us confirm that Marvel just did a Doomsday reference.  The Hulk just defeated Doomsday with one punch and he did not even flinch or blink while doing it. Maybe it was just for laughs but it does paint a not so rosy picture for the Last Son of Krypton since he has never been able to do it in his lifetime what the Hulk just accomplished.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

In more ways than one, Doomsday is basically the Hulk of the DC Universe. He has inhuman strength that has virtually no upper ceiling. While the Hulk’s power increases with rage, Doomsday just adapts and evolves with each successive defeat and comes back in a form totally immune to the way he was defeated and/or killed the last time. During the Death of Superman arc, we saw Doomsday completely devastate the United States with the entire armed forces of the country unable to stop his rampage. The Justice League was also powerless against the threat posed by Doomsday. Only Superman was strong enough but he had to give up his life in his quest to defeat the alien warrior.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

Doomsday and Hulk also have somewhat similar origins. Bother are basically products of an experiment gone wrong. The Hulk came into being after Bruce Banner was accidentally exposed to a high dosage of radiation due to a gamma explosion in his quest to recreate the super-soldier program that once gave birth to Captain America. Doomsday was also the result of a mad scientist trying to create the perfect, un-killable, and unstoppable killing machine. Doomsday was killed and resurrected again and again until he became impenetrable to any form of damage that could lead to his death. In the end, both Doomsday and the Hulk are basically enormous rage monsters with a very twisted origin story.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

The Hulk has shown time and again that his power knows no bounds. He has been revealed to be strong enough to lift a star with his bare hands. On his normal days, the Hulk is strong enough to lift more than a hundred tons. When the Hulk was in his Professor Hulk form, he actually had the intelligence of Banner compared with the strength of the Hulk. The Worl Breaker Hulk could rip a planet in two with his power. Doomsday, just like the Hulk, keeps on adding to his strength every time he makes an appearance. They are equals in strength and spirit.

Hulk Defeated Doomsday

But Marvel showing that the Hulk could defeat Doomsday with just one punch does send all kinds of signals to the comic book universe – both of them in fact. The Hulk and Superman debate has been raging on for decades with no clear and distinct winner. Marvel, with this recent escapade, has given away their stance. They believe that the Hulk is superior since he can defeat Doomsday, the bane of Superman, singlehandedly. An official fight between Hulk and Doomsday is yet to happen in full vigor. The Incredible Hulk #413 gives us but a glimpse of what could have been. So if you are a DC Fan or Marvel fan, you might start raising eyebrows now. It is understandable. The Jade Giant has won after all.

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