14 Suicide Squad Members You Never Knew Were Once Justice League Members

The Suicide Squad is just what it sounds like. They are a bunch of crazy people doing crazy jobs for a crazy woman. They do not have anyone to go to or any place to call home. They are career criminals that have been handpicked by the government to do their dirty work for them. But could you have ever imagined that some of these criminals even found themselves in the ranks of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman amongst the Justice League?!?! Believe it, it is true! Presenting – 14 Suicide Squad members you never knew were once Justice League Members!!

 1. Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Members Justice League

The woman known as Harleen Quinzel was a psychologist working in the Arkham Asylum where she fell in love with her own patient, the Joker. She also goes mad and commits a crime in his name. Soon, she ends up on the wrong side of the law and is transferred to a high-security prison where she meets Amanda Waller and the rest is history. In the comic books though, the story takes a turn for the bizarre when Harley Quinn is selected for Team Wisdom in the Justice league: No Justice story arc, where she fights alongside Robin, the Atom and the Flash against super villains.

 2. Deathstroke

Deathstroke was a short-lived member of the Suicide Squad in New Suicide Squad #1 of 2014. He left the team soon after. When Brainiac comes to Earth to warn the planet of a coming threat, he divides the Earth’s superheroes and supervillains into four teams. Deathstroke ends up in Team Entropy which also has Batman and Lex Luthor. Harley Quinn is not the only bloodthirsty maniac on this list.

 3. Katana

Katana is the moral compass of the Suicide Squad to some extent. She is keeping the criminals in line. Unlike her colleagues in the Suicide Squad, Katana never is injected with a nano-bomb at the base of her neck because she does not need to. Katana follows Amanda’s orders as he has promised her information on the killers of her late husband. In the comic books, she has been a part of both the Justice League of America and Suicide Squad all under the orders of Waller.

 4. Captain Cold

Captain Cold is the only criminal in the history of comic books that lives by a moral code of sorts. He has also been a part of the Suicide Squad after being sent to prison for the umpteenth time after clashing with the Flash. Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart has always been a fascinating character to look at. When the Justice League was fighting the Crime Syndicate of America in the New 52 storyline, Leonard Snart decided to help the League and was given honorary membership on a temporary basis.

 5. Shade the Changing Man

Shad was a character that was made famous in the 90’s after Chris Bachalo and Peter Milligan’s Vertigo run of the character. In that storyline, Shade is a poet that has been sent to Earth to stop it from being consumed by an ever-growing force. In the new revamped origin story after The New 52 event, Shade became an integral part of Justice League Dark, the magical department of the Justice League. He was a member of the League alongside heavyweights like John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman.

 6. Clock King

This story does not end well. Clock King has always been a somewhat laughable character. His obsession with time is so boundless that it has become a subject of ridicule amongst even his own peers. Although a typical Green Arrow villain, the Clock King has also been a part of the Injustice League. In another storyline, Clock King is a member of the laughable Justice League Antarctica, a team that was wantonly created by Maxwell Lord for his own nefarious reasons. Clock King was later repeatedly shot and later killed in the same storyline.

 7. Major Disaster

Major Disaster was a villain that used technology to artificially create natural disasters. A green Lantern Villain, Major Disaster’s ability to tap into natural calamities and use them for his own bidding was soon converted into a meta-human ability. Major Disaster was also part of the same team as Clock King, Justice League America. But he has also served his time as a member of Justice League Elite under Batman himself. Justice League Elite was the covert black operations team that operated under the League’s banners under Batman’s orders.

 8. Lobo

The Main Man becoming a part of the Suicide Squad is not that much of a surprise. But him joining the Justice League surely sounds astonishing. In the Justice League vs. The Suicide Squad storyline, Maxwell Lord frees a lot of villains, including Lobo, to be a part of his Suicide Squad team. Lobo is implanted with a psychic control on his head and is mind controlled by Lord. Batman later makes Lobo’s head explode with a bomb and after the Last Czarnian’s head regenerates, he regains back his consciousness and is made a part of the newly formed Justice League of America alongside the Ray and Vixen.

 9. Enchantress

The Enchantress aka June Moon is a weird, twisted woman. In the movie, she is played by none other than Cara Delevigne. Enchantress soon goes rogue in the 2016 movie after which the rest of the team is tasked with hunting her down. This is a story that was heavily inspired by another New 52 storyline where Enchantress goes rogue after being a part of Justice League Dark.  Enchantress is no more in a relationship with Rick Flag in the comic books. In there, she is now in an adorable relationship with Killer Croc.

 10. Doctor Light

Doctor Light was originally a common, run off the mill villain that was soon shot up to the plains of stardom after the controversial Identity Crisis storyline. After the 2004 storyline firmly established his presence, it was revealed later that Zatanna had lobotomized his brain and erased many of his memories. The New 52 reboot made Doctor Light the new head scientist of A.R.G.U.S and also a member of the shadowy version of Waller’s Justice League of America.

 11. Black Orchid

The superheroine known as the Black Orchid only power is a mastery of the art of disguise. While that part of her ability was purely based on know-how and sleight of hand, it was later changed to a supernatural ability tied to the Green – a supernatural force that provides energy to all plant life on Earth and is closely associated with characters like the Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy. Black Orchid was a part of the Suicide Squad between 1977 and 1978 and became a part of Justice League Dark during the period of The New 52 reboot.

 12. Killer Frost

In the Justice League vs. The Suicide Squad story arc, Killer Frost is also one of the hundreds of villains freed by Maxwell Lord to help him in his fight against the Justice League. Killer Frost later revealed herself to be a good person when she helped the League fight the bad guys at the end of that storyline. Batman would later pressurize Waller to release Killer Frost, who would later become a part of the newly formed Justice League of America under Batman’s supervision.

 13. Plastique

Plastique became a part of the DC Universe in the 80’s when she first debuted as a revolutionary terrorist that was attempting to use her trademark explosive skills to generate support for the cause of separating Quebec from Canada. She would later be captured and turned into a member of the Suicide Squad and Waller’s pet. After reforming herself, Plastique was then engaged to the hero Captain Atom and became a part of the Extreme Justice team alongside her superhero husband.

 14. Bronze Tiger

Bronze Tiger is known as one of the DC Comics Universe’s greatest fighters. Some say he is even on par with Lady Shiva. Bronze Tiger has always been on the wrong side of the law. If beating Batman and Richard Dragon in a close quarter Combat was not enough, Bronze Tiger is also the second in command of the Suicide Squad team after Rick Flag. In one storyline, Bronze Tiger was part of five missions carried out by the Justice League Task Force, a UN-supported strike team that carried out international operations under the Justice League’s name.

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