Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Shows How Snyder’s JL 2 Would’ve Been

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer:

Recently, we got to see the amazing new DC animated movie – Superman: Red Son. Now that we’re done with the first DC animated film of the year, WB has launched the trailer of the next one in line, i.e. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Unlike the live action DCEU, DC has an amazing established shared animated movie universe. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is the thirteenth film in the DC Animated Universe, and it is directly connected to at least 3 previous films. Watch the new trailer, and then we’ll see how it is almost exactly like how Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 would have been, if he got to shoot it:

Since the title is Justice League Dark, it is obviously a sequel to the Justice League Dark movie that came out back in 2017. But, it is also a sequel to Justice League War & Reign of the Supermen which had Darkseid in it. Reign of the Supermen brought Darkseid back into the scene, and now Justice League Dark 2 will take the war to Darkseid on Apokolips. It will result in some heroes like Cyborg, Shazam & others coming under to control of Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation. And the rest of the heroes will have to fight against their own friends.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Shows How Snyder’s JL 2 Would’ve Been

This is basically the same plot for Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2. In the Snydercut of Justice League, we would’ve seen a proper build up for Darkseid. Instead of Steppenwolf, a young Darkseid – Uxas would’ve tried to take over Earth in the ancient battle. Then towards the end of Justice League, Wonder Woman would’ve chopped Steppenwolf’s head off, and it would’ve gone rolling on the feet of Darkseid, who would’ve been staring at the Justice League through a Boom Tube.

Justice League Snyder Cut Green Lantern

Now since Cyborg can open boom tubes due to his connection with the Mother Box, he would’ve opened one Boom Tube directly to Apokolips. That’s because after seeing Darkseid at the end of Justice League Snydercut, the League would’ve planned to take the fight directly to Darkseid on Apokolips. After that, Darkseid would’ve handed their asses back to them, and brought the war to Earth. The heroes would not have been able to beat him and the Anti-Life equation would’ve taken over Earth. Heroes like Cyborg & even Superman would’ve given in to it. Batman and the other leaguers would’ve tried to fight back.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Shows How Snyder’s JL 2 Would’ve Been

Here are a few other key details from the story of Justice League Snydercut that would’ve set up 2 more Justice League sequels:

“Snyder’s Justice League would play like the theatrical version, with one ending twist: Darkseid revealing himself to the League, as Steppenwolf’s master.

Justice League 2 would’ve gone cosmic, with the League mounting an attack on Apokolips and Darkseid. That major event would’ve brought the New Gods of New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps into the mix.

The second movie would’ve ended on a dark and ominous loss, as Darkseid thrashed the Justice League and killed Lois Lane, taking Superman prisoner and creating the “Dark Superman” we saw in Batman v Superman through the Anti-Life Equation

Justice League 3 would’ve seen Darkseid invade Earth without the League there to defend it, conquering the planet and creating the “Knightmare” reality in Batman v Superman.

Through several time travel loops (including Flash’s failed warning to Bruce in Batman v Superman) Batman would have to reach Superman and bring him back on the side of good, so that the League could defeat Darkseid and save the world.”

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Shows How Snyder’s JL 2 Would’ve Been

Well, Justice League 2 isn’t coming because even if the Snydercut gets greenlit for a release on HBO MAX, we won’t be getting the sequel. But at least we’ve got a well-established DC Animated Universe. So we should look forward to that and keep the hopes for the Snydercut alive. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War arrives sometime this year.

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